10 Powerful Quotes To Live By

10 Powerful Quotes To Live By

Working out on a regular basis can be tough for many of us, and while it might seem like finding time in our packed schedules is next to impossible, chances are we’re all not as motivated as we ought to be.

But being motivated is ultimately what separates those who achieve their goals and those who don’t. Ask any of your favorite fitness experts, and chances are they’re all going to say the same thing – staying motivated is vital to staying fit.

This is where we come in. While we hope Quest helps you achieve your goals, we’ve curated some of our favorite inspirational quotes from successful individuals, whose words can help us get through tough times – or help stay motivated when we need it most.


It is so easy to just settle for just being good at whatever you do. Never settle for just good!


Some decisions can be hard to make than others – especially when you might have conflicting opinions about what you ought to do. The answer, however, is faith in your passion.


Always forgive and forget! Don’t bother with things that cannot be changed – instead, think about what you can do in the future.


Willing to be patient, while trying your best & never giving up  is the best way to achieve your goals.


Think less, do more!


Every choice you make has its consequences – and these choices are what eventually shape your destiny.


 Life is and always will be what you make of it.


Everyone has an opportunity to make a dent in the universe. Challenge yourself and the status quo; stop waiting for permission to be exceptional.


Elon Musk founded SpaceX, Tesla Motors and PayPal. When he speaks about how to stay motivated, you listen!


Case in point – Abraham Lincoln was defeated for the Congress, the Senate, and Vice-President before he was elected as President of the United States in 1860, going on to becoming one of the America’s greatest Presidents.

Persisting in the face of failure is not only important, but is a quality that we have full control over. Only you have the power to decide whether you want to stick to the same course.

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    “Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.”

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