SPOTTED AGAIN! Mysterious New Quest Bar Flavor

SPOTTED AGAIN! Mysterious New Quest Bar Flavor

Our new boo enjoys the view in the ‘bu!

Tuesday we reported on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough heating up the beach with a new mystery Quest Bar. Now it looks like our new fave flav is stepping out on its own.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.58.53 PM

Does this mean we can expect an announcement from Quest soon? We reached out to a Quest representative for comment but they simply texted back “Oh Em Gee ;P”.

We’ll keep our photographers on the lookout! If you look close you can almost make out what’s on the label, what do you think? Are those raisins? Chocolate Chips? A scoop of Moose Tracks Ice Cream?… Quest’s Salted Caramel Protein Powder is a huge hit, maybe it’s a Caramel Mocha Chip Flavor! Can you even imagine?!

Let us know if you spot it in the wild — leave your guesses in the comments below.


    Olivia Maguire

    I think it could be oatmeal raisin cookie?! Or maybe chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookie?


    I think it’s oatmeal chocolate chip!


    It’s the Quest Labs Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bar. My pantry is thankfully stocked with them.

    Taylor Lewis

    oatmeal choch chip!! can’t wait to try!


    Chocolate chip with macadamia nuts please!


    oatmeal chocolate chip cookie ? I would love to see a carrot cake flavour also 😀

    Charell Anderson

    Thank goodness I am running out!! Oatmeal chocolate better make its debut soon!!!❤️

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