C’mon, You Had to Know This Was An April Fool’s Joke

C’mon, You Had to Know This Was An April Fool’s Joke

While we’d love to kick back and enjoy a refreshing cold protein seltzer made by us, this was, in fact, an April Fool’s joke. And for being such a good sport, enjoy 15% off your next order when you use the promo code Fools20.

We fully encourage you unwind with a social-distance cheers among your closest friends, though.

And here’s a closer look at the drinks that will never be. We think they’re looking real fresh!




  1. echevarriac86@gmail.com'

    It might have been a joke but it’s an awesome concept! It doesn’t even have to be a “hard seltzer”. I would love a sparkling water that gives me some protein )

  2. riag2238@gmail.com'

    Omg! That was the cruelest joke ever!!! . What an amazing idea that would be!

  3. Owlbebubbly@gmail.com'

    You got me! LOL

  4. dgonzalez1000rr@yahoo.com'

    JERKS- I Was about to order some

  5. dhraddigan@gmail.com'

    I thought I had died and gone to heaven… for about 30 seconds. Good one guys, good one. Got a good chuckle out of that 🙂 Happy April Fools

  6. Lfatica@kent.edu'

    you should totally make them someday somehow lol

  7. Jolame73@aol.com'
    Joanna Lame

    Genius!! Come on! Make it happen! You’ve already got the advertisement down.

  8. baxteraw@gmail.com'

    Wow – I was so excited for this…. 🙁

  9. nicoleprzybylo@gmail.com'

    Ughhh Not funny!! I was totally getting ready to order! But it is a great Idea! Guess I will stick to White Claws

  10. Karenharris978@yahoo.com'

    I’m very disappointed lol

  11. ktmack@yahoo.com'
    Kathryn MacKenzie

    What?! I was so excited for a hot minute. Y’all should try to make it happen for real though.

  12. chillsgailey@gmail.com'
    Cynthia H. Gailey

    All right, all right, I’m a fool… for Quest products!!! That was not nice.

  13. gaemac2@yahoo.com'
    Gaelen McNamara

    Really??? Why not? Haha!

  14. IWantAnyceB@gmail.com'

    I’m Scrolling through my emails like wait I’m a Quest Squad brand ambassador, how dare they not tell me first … Great joke and honestly an awesome idea, minus the liquor!!!

  15. aalle109@uncc.edu'

    Bruh I got super hyped. Im really disappointed now. My dreams are crushed.

  16. Bschlag3@gmail.com'

    Please make this ASAP! Good marketing to gauge interest.

  17. kdhodges9@yahoo.com'

    MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! Not the joke part but the Quest hard seltzer part!

  18. Anthonylibio1995@gmail.com'

    I want to buy this. Please make it real.

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