Exercise Improves Memory

Some more support for why the Strong Survive from a year long study published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. It showed that exercise increased the size of the hippocampus and improved memory in older test subjects.

Generally, the hippocampus shrinks as you get older. This degrades memory and can lead to dementia. But those who exercise have a larger hippocampus and training causes it to grow, improving spatial memory.

This means it’s never too late to begin an exercise regime and more proof that exercise is critically important as you age.

You can read the study here.


  1. dommorsp@gmail.com'

    Very true, never heard of that before.

  2. osamaelmageid@gmail.com'

    It is a shame how too many people neglect exercise. Being on a low carb/high fat and protein diet is merely just the biochemical foundation we need in order to make effective use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals. It is really just a resource although a necessary one. After that is nailed down, the exercise and even the meditation is what actually makes use of such vital resources.

  3. asphayes@gmail.com'

    Then if it’s true, tomorrow I’ll start having my proper exercise to improve my hippocampus. I would share everything about this article. Especially for students who have lots of exams. Thanks for posting.

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