Fiber Count

Update: This lawsuit has been dropped.
Quest has been named in a lawsuit regarding our fiber count. It is our belief and conviction that this lawsuit is without merit. The things a plaintiff states in a lawsuit are just that – his statements. He doesn’t have to prove them to put them in the lawsuit. He just needs to write them down. Proof is another matter. We believe that what is written in this lawsuit results from not understanding the current state of fiber science. We are fighting this case to make it clear to our customers and partners that our label information is 100% accurate.

Make no mistake, Quest Nutrition will not back down in the face of what we believe are attacks based on lack of good information. The outpouring of support from our customers and supporters on this issue has been overwhelming. We’re very grateful for the support, and we want to assure everyone that we are committed to bringing the highest quality products to our loyal fan base. We have nothing to hide and we look forward to a very visible public refutation of these unfounded claims.



    Whoo Quest! 🙂 so humbly put.


    Sorry for the grossness that is about to ensure- but it’s neccesary, I think…

    When it comes to fiber, he proof is in the poopin.
    And I have plenty of proof, if this guy needs it.

  3. Anonymous

    QUEST bars ROCK!  I am 46, in the best shape in my life and eat them everyday!  I will continue to promote these bars as high quality, high protein/fiber, great tasting, and nutritious….LOVE THEM!

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