New Flavor Boxes and Nutritional Info!

The boxes for our three new flavors just came in! They’ll be ready for sale in another two weeks They are ready for sale now, click here to purchase!

Ingredients and nutritionalĀ information also posted below.






  1. Yay glad they’re lower fat!

  2. I’d rather have the sucralose than the sugar. Even Lara bars are not something I can do real often because that’s too much fruit sugar in one little bar. Like it or not there are sugar-sensitive people out there trying to get healthy, and they need options too. I’ve heard weird things about stevia and it’s not an option for everyone. (Also, it can taste nasty in certain applications.)


    Great to find something with healthy ingredients but please do something about the high sodium content.


    Awesome!! šŸ™‚

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  6. They look and sound dee-lish!


    Are they gluten free???

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