New Menu Label Laws Have No Effect

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“Food menus that carried nutritional labeling would help people choose

healthier foods, health experts have long argued. The early results of

mandatory menu-labeling laws, however, suggest that the well-intended

laws may not have a huge impact on consumer eating habits.”

These results aren’t too surprising. People who don’t care about nutrition wont change habits based on new labels. Those who are already committed to a healthy life make good choices regardless. In fact, without the right mindset, more information doesn’t help. The responsibility for our health and physiques rests squarely on the shoulders of each and every one of us. Not on lawmakers.

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    Indeed, people who never seemed concerned about their nutrition in the first place would not realistically care because of some label. People will consume all sorts of toxins in processed foods. Even worse, some people advocate a tax on certain foods based on the mainstream ideal of what healthy is which is not really accurate. I would be supporting consumer advocacy groups if they protested against Monsanto with all their sinister products, but no, they prefer to sue such McDonalds (not that I eat there) all because of the calories just to give themselves the image that they are fighting for our best interest while at the same time making us diabetic with their misguided/sinister assumption on what healthy food is.

    Mason Carlon


    You make a GREAT point. Taxing people for making “unhealthy” choices when the basis for what is “healthy” is totally wrong just doesn’t make sense.

    You also reminded me about the McDonald’s lawsuits that claim to be in the interest of protecting public health while in reality, they are only following the mainstream foolishness.

    And as you point out, Diabetes continues to skyrocket…

    I love this blog!


      Ron once told me that the only way to really determine if a given food is healthy or not is how it is metabolized in the body. Not everyone may agree with low carb. Some like Dr. Robert Lustig advocates “safe” carb while taking in high amounts of fiber; I like the benefits of low carb (0-40 GI and around 0-50 g of carbs) because I feel more energized even when I add my magnesium, vitamin B12, and vitamin C supplements. That and I get higher testosterone output when I increase the amount of saturated fat that I intake. I think too many experts in nutrition are either psychos or misguided.

  3. And now even more foolishness with the Taco Bell lawsuit ( I suppose it never ends.

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