Quest Squad Europe FAQs


Is product provided for the Welcome Mission?

For the Welcome Mission, Quest products are not provided. However, upon completion of the Welcome Mission you can look forward to receiving your Quest Squad Welcome Kit.

Can I use a product that has US packaging for a post?

We would prefer to use EU packaging for social media posts as it helps show people what to look for and shows what people can easily buy in Europe. However if you really love US product, these can be shared via stories.

On the member page we can earn ‘rewards’ by posting monthly pics and vids. I’ve done a couple of those but don’t seem to earn any rewards, how exactly does it work?

Quest Europe does not currently have a website selling product so we do not have the same points system as the US. We reward the Quest Squad by directly sending them Quest products, giving them new products before the general public, along with swag and additional prizes and incentives.

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