Quest Squad FAQs


What is the Quest Squad?

The Quest Squad is a loyalty program for a like-minded community of super Quest fans. It’s free to join, and members of the Quest Squad are one of the first to receive insider information and product when we launch a new flavor/product. Members also have the opportunity to participate in exciting activations (Missions) to earn FREE Quest Squad swag and Quest Nutrition product.

What is expected of me as a Quest Squad member?

Check your emails for correspondence. We relay Missions, updates and important information via email. Also, to stay active, complete at least one Mission every 2 month period. We will have more details on how to stay an active member in Quest Squad soon!

How do I become a member?

If you are an authentic Quest fan and wants to share your passion of Quest with the world, apply here.

What are the perks of being in Quest Squad?

Members are a part of an exclusive community with a direct relationship to us. You also get Quest product and swag, invited to VIP events, first to know opportunities for select promotions on, as well as being our go-to team for unique opportunities. Also, your posts and submissions have an opportunity to be featured on our social and digital channels.

As a Quest Squad member, how do I get free product and swag?

By participating and completing Missions!

There are Missions, why did I not receive anything?

Currently, not all Missions are sent packages in advance to complete, nor receive shipments upon completion. Mission are activities for our awesome community to remain active (more to come on this) and to showcase their Quest Spirit!

I know someone who would be great for Quest Squad, what do I do?

Have them apply at

How do I opt-out of the program?

At the end of every Mission email, and newsletters, there is an option to unsubscribe.  (You can also send an email to: [email protected])

How do I access my profile?

My profile is no longer active, why?

If you have completed at least one Mission every 2 months, your IG is connected and public, and your address is FedEx compliant, it could be a technical glitch. Please contact us at: [email protected]

How do I know if I am on track to stay in Quest Squad?

Soon, we will be rolling out the Mission Tracking system so you will know how many Missions you need to complete to remain an active member of Quest Squad.

How do I know if I get credit for a Mission/how many I have completed?

We are working on a new profile page that will include this information.

On the profile page, there is a Reward section –what are Rewards? And how do I unlock them?

This section is currently under construction – we hope to utilize it soon! Thanks for your patience!

Do you have a points system? I see points on my profile.

We are currently working on a points system. Hope to roll it out soon!

My profile doesn’t show activities completed, why?

We are currently working with our tech team on this. Thanks for your patience!

Is there a referral program or a discount code?

We are currently exploring options.

Do I get a discount as a member of Quest Squad?

We are working on this!

I would like to share my love for Quest products and pass them out or do a giveaway, would you be able to send product? 

We love everyone’s excitement and interest in promoting Quest with our product. As much as we would love to support all endeavors, we are limited to considering sending product for select events and opportunities, and require requests to be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance (consideration criteria include: length of time in Quest Squad, # of Missions completed).


I’ve moved, how do I change my address?

You can access your profile here to update your address (

Why did my package arrive at my old address?

We provide all current addresses for mailings approx. 6 weeks in advance. Please make sure you update your address as soon as there is a change. Unfortunately, we may not be able to send you a replacement package for that missed mailing.

Why am I unable to receive my package?

If your package is rejected due to FedEx unable to deliver to your address, we won’t be able to ship to you until you have a deliverable address. Also, FedEx does not ship to PO Boxes.



Why am I not getting my Quest Squad emails/newsletters?

Check your spam/junk folders. Also, you can whitelist us which would allow our messages to be received. Please see link below:

Email addresses to enter (please add both):

[email protected]

[email protected]

Where can I find the latest newsletter?

Click here!

I have a question not listed in the FAQs, who do I contact?

You can email us at [email protected]

I sent an email and haven’t heard back. When should I expect a response?

We try to respond to to every email as soon as we can.

I’ve completed my Welcome Mission, why haven’t I received my Welcome Kit?

Please allow 6-8 weeks after receiving confirmation from the Quest Team to receive your Welcome Kit. We understand you’re excited to receive your Quest goodies and are working diligently to ensure you get them as quickly as possible!



What is a Mission?

Missions are opportunities for the Quest Squad members to unite and stay connected to Quest, usually via photo challenges to post on Instagram. Members must use the required hashtag to receive completion credit.

Where can I find the latest Mission?

Click here!

What does it mean to get credit for my post?

Your post is received and will be counted as completing the Mission.

How do I make sure my post gets credit?

Use the required hashtag (unique to each Mission) in your caption.

What if I post after the due date?

For the most part, if it’s close, you’ll still be eligible to receive the reward. If you post after the reward has been processed, you will at least have your post counted towards your completed Missions count (which will keep your status active).

How do I know which hashtags to use for my posts?

#QUESTSQUAD = you can always use this to show us your Quest related posts

#ONAQUEST = you can always use this

#(REQUIRED) = Unique Hashtags are ONLY used for specified Mission. Do not use these hashtags with your regular posts. You MUST use this in your caption order to receive credit for specified Mission.

#ad= MUST use for Missions

What if I used a Mission hashtag in a regular post?

That post does not count towards the Mission. Only posts with the Mission requirements are eligible for credit. Please do not use Mission hashtags unless it’s for the specified Mission.

Why do you need us to retire unique Hashtags, especially #WelcomeQuest?

The platform uses the unique Hashtags to “pull” the post into the corresponding Mission. #WelcomeQuest is only for the Welcome Mission and everyday usage dilutes the system and our team has to sift through to confirm completion for the new member.

I posted but did not receive a completion email / my reward.

If you did not receive a completion email after two weeks of the Post Due Date, check that you used the required hashtag in your caption and everything is spelled correctly. If you did, please email us, with the URL, at: [email protected]

I’ve completed my Mission with a Rewards attached, when should I expect to receive it?

Please allow 4-6 weeks after the Mission officially closes for vetting the posts and to process, and ship the reward.

Why is it required to post on my IG feed, not stories?

Our platform can only monitor and collect IG posts. You can post to your stories, but since it’s not trackable, we won’t be able to give you credit. Also, your post has an opportunity to be featured on our social and digital channels.

Why does my IG have to be public?

We at Quest love seeing the posts from our Quest Squad! Please note, it is a requirement for this program to have a public IG.

How do I get featured on Quest social media channels?

By participating in the Missions and using the correct hashtags and tags will give you more opportunity to be featured and seen by our social media team.

Why does my IG have to be authenticated/connected and how do I make sure it is?

In order to give you credit for completing a Mission, your IG has to be connected so the system can find it and count it.  You can make sure your IG is connected here. (

How do I switch my IG account/How do I add an IG account?

Go to your View Profile and click on Connected Accounts.

I received an invitation regarding a Quest Squad meet up/event, how do I attend?

Entrance to meet ups and events are free with RSVP from any Quest Squad member.  Quest is not responsible for your travel, lodging, or additional expenses.

Why did someone I know receive a Mission and I didn’t?

Most of our Missions do include the entire Quest Squad. We also have a variety of smaller Missions sent to a select group based on interests, past participation, and region.

What is a Bonus Mission?

Once the new Mission Tracking system is in place, Bonus Missions will count as “extra credit”  towards your minimum count of Missions to remain active in the Quest Squad.

What if I can’t participate in a Mission?

We understand our members are busy and may not be able to complete every Mission. Completed Bonus Missions will go towards your total completed Missions count, so you can sit out on one or more. Of course we want you to be participate in them all! Once we roll out the new tracking system, you will be able to see how many Missions you will need to keep an Active status, and members who do complete all of the Missions will receive special recognition.

Why are there Missions not open to non-US members?

Due to international product regulations, and different product launch schedules, each territory has its own Missions (there will be some all-inclusive Missions).


Does your events have a minimum age in order to attend?

Usually the minimum age is 18, but it could be 21, depending on the event.


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