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Four Signs You Are Working Out Too Much

Working out regularly is great for your health, building muscle, and keeping your weight in check, but it is possible to train too much, where your hard work can actually backfire. Here’s why: when you overwork your body, you actually deplete muscle stores (such as when you do too much […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights If You’re A Woman

You’ve probably heard somewhere that women shouldn’t lift weights because they will get too bulky. Although those in the fitness and bodybuilding industry clearly show that this myth is exactly just that, a myth, many women continue to stay clear of the weight room area for fear of looking too […]

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Transformation Tuesday | Bullied to Bodybuilder

Throughout my life, I always had weight problems. I was always the “big guy”, the guy who was picked last for any sport, the guy who didn’t have many friends, the guy who just didn’t belong. In elementary school, I had trouble playing on the playground, seeing as how I […]

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NEDA Awareness Week | Born Again Warrior

Whilst growing up, my life was flooded with body confidence issues. Being the larger girl in the family weight wise, comments from family members made me constantly feel uncomfortable and like the ugly duckling of the bunch. Comments on my weight, clothes, even my nail varnish colour, all told me […]

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