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Markus Freeman Transformation

I can hardly recall more than a handful of pleasant childhood memories that haven’t been interfered with by my lifelong struggle with weight. My entire juvenile life was dominated by food. Labeled by doctors and the media as ‘obese’, I found myself at 250 lbs. at the age of 10. […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights If You’re A Woman

You’ve probably heard somewhere that women shouldn’t lift weights because they will get too bulky. Although those in the fitness and bodybuilding industry clearly show that this myth is exactly just that, a myth, many women continue to stay clear of the weight room area for fear of looking too […]

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Transformation Tuesday | Bullied to Bodybuilder

Throughout my life, I always had weight problems. I was always the “big guy”, the guy who was picked last for any sport, the guy who didn’t have many friends, the guy who just didn’t belong. In elementary school, I had trouble playing on the playground, seeing as how I […]

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NEDA Awareness Week | Strong, Not Skinny

For three years, I destroyed my body in a pretentious search for confidence. Reflecting  on past attempts taken to attain peace with my self-image, I have come to realize the grave reality behind starving or over-working my body. However, before I realized how much I was hurting myself, nothing could […]

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