Weight Loss Transformation: René Büssow

Weight Loss Transformation: René Büssow

My name is René Büssow, I am 25 years old and a nutrition student at Justus Liebig University Gießen in Germany.

When I was 17 years old and weighed almost 330 lbs I realized that I needed to change my life. I have never been skinny but became thicker and thicker every year. The reason for this was not due to my lack of partaking in sporting activities because I always played football and ice hockey – for me the big problem was my nutrition. My day would start with two pieces of pizza and two sandwiches, followed by lunch with my grandparents which consisted of many “German foods” (potatoes, butter and schnitzel along with a dessert of cornflakes with a liter of milk. For dinner I would eat a large meal with my parents which was largely the same as lunch along with lots of snacking on chocolate and chips in front of the TV. At my worst I would eat over 12000 calories a day. At the time I wasn’t aware that it was way too much for my body.


At first I had to learn what this big word “healthy,” meant – more to the point, what “healthy nutrition” meant. I started to change my diet successfully. I began by eating good carbohydrates and fats and increasing my protein intake along with a steady regiment of cardio.


After losing around 35 pounds I realized that I was starting to get loose skin because of the rapid weight loss. My skin was too stretched to fit my new body. In an effort to combat this I began my relationship with lifting weights to gain muscle and fill the void the excess fat used to fill. My skin began to tighten around my muscles. Perhaps the hardest part of this process was realizing that I couldn’t change overnight and it would take me months and even years to get the point I wanted to be at. Thankfully I stuck with the exercises.


By January 2015 I was nearing my goal. After many difficult months I was seeing the results I wanted and I decided to take the next step on my journey and enter my first German natural bodybuilding competition (Men’s Physique). At this time I also began a special 20 week strict diet and aimed to lose another 44 pounds. My nutrition plan is tailored to my needs – a combination of hitting my macros and carb backloading. Quest Bars have been a huge part of my workout routine and serve as a way to get a protein boost if I miss a meal – White Chocolate Raspberry is my favorite.

What was once my hobby has become my profession. Parallel to my studies, I’m working as a personal trainer and love to motivate other people to believe in themselves and their hidden potential.

I get excited when I look back and see how much my life has completely changed over the years. Every day I go out with friends, I love spending time in the gym and have learned to enjoy every meal instead of just eating out of depression. Over the years I’ve finally realized that life isn’t just about food, it’s so much more and you can attain true happiness if nutrition isn’t the sole purpose of living, but a small part of a greater whole of life.



I have some practical tips and hints that helped me a lot to achieve this enormous weight loss of 158 lbs.

  • The most important thing is patience. An effective weight loss diet without a yo-yo effect needs a lot time.

– You can only achieve goals by setting yourself realistic objectives and firmly believe in them.

– Another important point is to find the right sports activities that are good for your body and motivate you every day to get up and to start your own transformation.

– It’s not what you eat, but how much! Always control your input versus your output.

– The last point is very important for me because so many people believe in this myth that carbs after 5 p.m. make you fat – this is completely wrong!

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