What is Isomalto-oligosaccharide?

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Some of you might read the ingredients of our beloved Quest Bars and wonder: Wait a second, what’s this long word I can’t pronounce?!?!  Well, as explained on the label, it is a natural prebiotic plant fiber.

Well, what does that mean, and why is it good for me?!?!  There are multiple benefits of isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO), and I’m here to explain a few!

Prebiotics are natural fibers that ferment in the gut and create an optimal environment for probiotics (the good bacteria in your gut that help digest foods and fight off illness-causing bacteria) to live in.  There has actually been a study showing that even if you supplement probiotics, without a diet high enough in fermentable fiber, the good bacteria will ultimately not have a suitable place to “live”, and will be rendered ineffective1.  Talk about “waste”ing your money….HA!

One of the great things about this particular prebiotic fiber (a form of oligosaccharides) is that it has been proven to be the least gastric-stress-causing fiber2 out of most of the commercially available fibers. This is great, because no one likes to walk around with the bubble-guts!

I have already explained the benefits and how important fiber is in a former blog here, but one thing that I did not mention, and is exclusive to IMO, is that it may be good for our teeth!  Using IMO in place of sucrose has been shown in some studies to reduce the amount of plaque build-up on the tooth surface3.

So…need any more reasons why you need Quest Bars in your life?!?!

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