Quest Squad FAQs


**Redirected here? Looking for your profile page?

Your profile and account information is now located in your Mission Manager. The link to your Mission Manager can be found within your Mission emails.


What is the Quest Squad?

The Quest Squad is a like-minded community of super Quest fans. It’s free to join and members stay connected via exciting activations (aka Missions) where they post on their socials for opportunities to earn FREE Quest Squad swag, product, and exclusive experiences.

What is expected of me as a Quest Squad member?

To stay active, you should complete at least one Mission within every 2 month period. 

Check your emails for correspondence. We relay Missions, updates, and important information via email. Emails will contain a link to your unique Mission Manager portal where you can update your information, and track the Missions.

**Quest Squad Europe member? 

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How do I become a member?

If you are at least 18 years of age, and are an authentic Quest fan who wants to share your passion of Quest with the world, apply here.

What are the perks of being in Quest Squad?

Members are a part of an exclusive community with a direct relationship to us. You also get Quest product and swag, invited to VIP events, a discount on (US only), as well as being our go-to team for unique opportunities. Also, your posts and submissions have an opportunity to be featured on our social and digital channels.

Is there a minimum age to be a member?

Currently, the minimum age is 18.

As a Quest Squad member, how do I get free product and swag?

By participating and completing Missions!

There are Missions, why did I not receive anything?

Currently, not all Missions are sent packages in advance to complete, nor receive shipments upon completion. Mission are activities for our awesome community to remain active within the program, and to showcase their Quest Spirit!

I know someone who would be great for Quest Squad, what do I do?

Have them apply at

I need to update my information, how do I access my profile?

Quest Squad Mission emails will contain a unique link to your personal Mission Manager. You can use the Mission Manager to manage your profile and track completed missions. Make sure you bookmark it! 

What is the Mission Manager (MM)?

This is a featured link unique to you- where you can see what Missions you are eligible to participate in, and a snapshot of the requirements. The link is found in the original Mission emails, so make sure you bookmark it! In addition, you can now easily reconnect your IG and update your address within the MM.

My profile is no longer active, why?

If you have completed at least one Mission every 2 months, your IG is connected and public, and your address is UPS/FedEx compliant, it could be a technical glitch. Please contact us at [email protected]

How do I know if I am on track to stay in Quest Squad? 

Complete at least one Mission every two months. Quest Squad Mission emails will contain a unique link to your personal Mission Manager, where you can see your completed missions and manage your profile. (A tracking system is also in the works!)

How do I know if I get credit for a Mission/how many I have completed?

Quest Squad Mission emails will contain a unique link to your personal Mission Manager, where you can see your completed missions and manage your profile. (A tracking system is also in the works!)

My profile doesn’t show activities completed, why?

Please refer to your Mission Manager as the main tool to use for the Quest Squad program.

Why does the Mission Manager show Next Steps as my content is being reviewed?

This is the post verification stage. Either you will receive an email confirming we have received your post, or an email that we did not and to please check the requirements.

Is there a referral program or a discount code?

We are currently exploring options.

Do I get a discount as a member of Quest Squad?

Active US Quest Squad members qualify for a monthly 30% discount when ordering from*. You must use your Quest Squad profile email address. Discount is automatically applied to orders up to $200 (pre-discount), resets the first of the month, and cannot be combined with other offers/discounts. Pizza is not included. Sorry, this is currently only available for active US Quest Squad members with US addresses. (New members will receive an email notification for when they are eligible to begin shopping.)

*If you have an existing account, click here to login.

If you need to create an account or need to create a new one with your Quest Squad email address, click here 

(Please note: No verification email will be sent. If creating a new account, please allow up to 48 hours for your discount to be active.)

I would like to share my love for Quest products and pass them out or do a giveaway, would you be able to send product? 

We love everyone’s excitement and interest in promoting Quest with our product. As much as we would love to support all endeavors, we are limited to considering sending product for select events and opportunities, and require requests to be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance (consideration criteria include: length of time in Quest Squad, # of Missions completed). (If you are located in the US, please consider using your discount.)

How do I get featured on Quest social media channels?

By participating in the Missions and using the correct hashtags and tags will give you more opportunity to be featured and seen by our social media team.



What is a Mission?

Missions are opportunities for the Quest Squad members to unite and stay connected to Quest, usually via photo challenges to post on Instagram. Members must use the required hashtag to receive completion credit.

What does it mean to get credit for my post?

Your post is received and will be counted as completing the Mission.

How do I make sure my post gets credit?

Use the required hashtag (unique to each Mission) in your caption and make sure your IG is connected, using your unique Mission Manager link.

I posted but did not receive a completion email.

If you did not receive a post completion email within 36 hours, check that your IG is connected (using your Mission Manager link), you used the required unique hashtag in your caption (and did not use previous Mission hashtags), and everything is spelled correctly.

What if I posted and didn’t receive the confirmation email and it’s after the Mission due date?

If you received a post reminder email saying we did not receive your post and you have posted, check that your IG is connected, used the correct hashtags (and for typos), and the hashtags are in your post’s caption, not comments. Also, please check your spam/junk folders (see above regarding: Why am I not getting my Quest Squad emails/newsletters?).

What if I post after the due date?

If you posted after the due date and did not receive an email that we received the post, then the Mission had officially closed and the post was not accepted.

How do I know which hashtags to use for my posts?

#QUESTSQUAD = you can always use this to show us your Quest related posts

#ONAQUEST = you can always use this

#(REQUIRED) = Unique Hashtags are ONLY used for specified Mission. Do not use these hashtags with your regular posts. You MUST use this in your caption order to receive credit for specified Mission.

#ad= MUST use for Missions

What if I used a Mission hashtag in a regular post?

That post does not count towards the Mission. Only posts with the Mission requirements are eligible for credit. Please do not use Mission hashtags unless it’s for the specified Mission.

Why do you need us to retire unique Hashtags, especially #WelcomeQuest?

The platform uses the unique Hashtags to “pull” the post into the corresponding Mission. #WelcomeQuest is only for the Welcome Mission and everyday usage dilutes the system and our team has to sift through to confirm completion for the new member.

What happens if I use a previous Mission hashtag with the current Mission?

The system won’t know which Mission to credit, and usually it won’t pull it into the current Mission and will not be counted.

I’ve completed my Mission with a Rewards attached, when should I expect to receive it?

We have new and exciting updates to the program to share soon! Meanwhile, there could be delays in rewards processing. Please allow up to 10-12 weeks after the Mission officially closes for vetting the posts, and to process and ship the reward(s). (Timing is usually included in the confirmation email.) Thank you for your patience.

Can I change my reward or any item being sent to me?

We are working on improving our member experience, and at this time, we are unable to accommodate special requests – please share any product, flavor, or item you receive with others. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I sell the product you sent me?

Product sent to you via the Quest Squad program is promotional and intended for your personal use and not to be resold and could result in membership termination.  If you are not consuming the product, please pass it along and share with others. Thanks for your understanding.

Is there tracking?

If tracking is available, it will be sent to the email address on your profile, and is usually generated right before shipping.

I received an invitation regarding a Quest Squad meet up/event, how do I attend?

Entrance to meet ups and events are free with RSVP from any Quest Squad member.  Quest is not responsible for your travel, lodging, or additional expenses.

Why did someone receive a Mission and I didn’t?

Most of our Missions do include the entire Quest Squad. We also have a variety of smaller Missions sent to a select group based on interests, past participation, and region.

Why did someone receive a package/opportunity and I didn’t?

Most of our mailings/opportunities include the entire Quest Squad, however there will be times when certain groups will be selected due to the nature of the activation.

What is a Bonus Mission?

For the Quest Squad Loyalty program, a Bonus Mission counts as “extra credit” -these are optional Missions to earn extra points.

What if I can’t participate in a Mission?

We understand our members are busy and may not be able to complete every Mission.  We encourage you to participate at least once every two months to maintain an Active status.

Why are there Missions not open to non-US members?

Due to international product regulations, and different product launch schedules, each territory has its own Missions (there will be some all-inclusive Missions).


What is the Quest Squad Loyalty Program?

The Quest Squad Loyalty Program is where you can redeem your earned points for completing Missions.

Who can join the program?

Active Quest Squad members who are residents of the United States and Canada.

When did the Quest Squad start the Quest Squad Loyalty program?

November 2020

How do I register for the Quest Squad Loyalty program?

It’s easy! Go to (or click here ) to register with your Quest Squad email, accept our Terms & Conditions, and you’ll be on your Quest to earning points! Please make sure you use the email address associated with your Quest Squad profile – otherwise our system won’t recognize you.

I’ve registered, how to do I access my account?

Go to and enter your Quest Squad email and password you created.

I’m having trouble logging in to the Quest Squad Loyalty Program. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that! Please make sure you are using the email address associated with your Quest Squad profile and password for typos. Try clearing your browser or open a new tab.  If the reset password prompt appears, try resetting your password. (If you haven’t enrolled in the Quest Squad Loyalty Program, please click on the link to enroll.) If you’re still having trouble, please contact [email protected] 

Do I get anything for signing up?

Members who sign-up after December 15, 2020 will receive 25 points.

Please note, all Quest Squad members will need to be enrolled in order to apply and redeem points.

What are the different levels of the Quest Squad Loyalty program?

   #OnAQuest  Quest Star  VI-Q
Description Core – basic membership as approved by Sponsor Eligibility is determined quarterly and can revert back to #OnAQuest if qualifications are not maintained. Eligibility is determined quarterly and can revert back to #OnAQuest if qualifications are not maintained.
How to Qualify Approved Application and completion of Welcome Mission (found on Website) and complete onboarding process as set forth by Sponsor. Must complete at least four (4) Missions in prior three (3) month quarter Must have achieved Quest Star status and maintained it for a minimum of two (2) consecutive quarters
How to earn Points
  • Earn Points for completing each Mission (points vary per Mission as specified on the Website)
  • One-time Sign-up bonus of 25 Points upon Enrollment and acceptance of terms
  • Refer a new Member (100 Points*) *to be eligible, the new Member must first complete the Welcome Mission and be approved by Sponsor
  • Birthday bonus (150 Points)
  • Member Anniversary (100 Points)
  • Surprise & delights, Mission and eligible Points as specified on the Website


  • Earn Points for completing each Mission (points vary per Mission as specified on the Website)
  • Refer a new Member (200 Points*) *to be eligible, the new Member must first complete the Welcome Mission and be approved by Sponsor.
  • Birthday bonus (200 Points)
  • Member Anniversary (150 Points)
  • Surprise & Delight opportunities.


  • Earn Points for completing each Mission (points vary per Mission as specified on the Website)
  • Refer a new Member (300 Points*) *to be eligible, the new Member must first complete the Welcome Mission and be approved by Sponsor.
  • Birthday bonus (300 Points)
  • Member Anniversary (200 Points)
  • Surprise & Delight opportunities.


·         Additional Membership Benefits
  • Exclusive swag
  • Quest Squad Newsletter
  • 30% discount (US only) on Quest products on
  • First to know on select Quest products and innovations
  • Potential to be featured in Quest social media, in Quest Squad and Quest Nutrition newsletters
·         #OnAQuest Additional Membership Benefits

·         Invites to participate in Special Events and trainings.


·         Quest Star Additional Membership Benefits

·         Exclusive private virtual workouts and courses.

·         Recognition in Quest Squad newsletter

·         Eligible to be chosen as Quest Squad Member of the Year.


How do I reach Quest Star Status?

You much completed at least four Missions in the prior quarter to reach Quest Star status.

How do I reach VI-Q Status?

You must have achieved Quest Star status for two consecutive quarters in order to become a VI-Q, a Very Inspiring Questie!

I just signed up and didn’t see the previous Missions I completed?

For Mission history, your Quest Squad profile, and social connections, please visit your Mission Manager. The Quest Squad Loyalty Program is only for activities associated with points.

Do I get points for Missions completed before November 2020?

Points for Missions are effective as of November 2020.

Why am I no longer receiving packages after completing a Mission?

You are now able to choose your own rewards by using points earned from completing Missions and other Quest Squad activities.

What can I redeem the points for?

You can use your points and redeem for Quest Products, exclusive swag, and exciting experiences and other items to help you with your #onaquest.

How many points are awarded for completing a Mission?

Completion of a standard Mission is awarded 75 points.

I received the Post Received email, when will those points be added?

Points for Missions will be visible as soon as the Mission officially closes and we have vetted them. Currently, please allow up to 7-10 days after the Mission deadline.

Besides completing Missions, how else can I earn points?

We want to provide the Quest Squad with various ways to earn points, such as completing surveys, participating in events, and celebrating milestones. Missions are the core way to quickly earn points and to stay active in Quest Squad, so make sure you complete them!

Why am I not earning points?

You must be registered and enrolled in the Quest Squad Loyalty program (click here). If you are enrolled, points are earned by completing Missions and other Quest Squad activities.

When can I redeem points?

Announcements will be made via email when members can redeem their points.

How do I redeem points?

There will be selected times for when points can be redeemed.

Members will be notified by email when the catalog will open to shop and redeem.

How often can I redeem points?

The Quest Squad program has dedicated times for points redemption, a.k.a. “redemption windows.” Check your email and Quest Squad Newsletters for when the next redemption window will open!

What is a “redemption window?”

A redemption window is a selected timeframe for when points can be redeemed.

Why can I only redeem my points during redemption windows?

The Quest Team is constantly on the lookout on what to add to the shopping catalog. By having redemption windows allows us to give you more variety and seasonal items.

Do points expire?

Points expire after 12 months of non-activity. Please make sure you are participating and redeeming to maintain an active status.

I can’t remember how many points I have earned or redeemed, how do I check my points?

You can check your entire points history by clicking on the “Transaction History.

Why do I need to enter my shipping information every time I redeem?

We ask you to enter your shipping information every time you redeem in case where you want to have your items shipped is different than the address on your Quest Squad profile.

I made a mistake or need to change my Rewards order, who can I contact?

We are currently unable to make any changes once the Rewards order has been submitted. Please make sure you triple check your order before completing your checkout.

I am experiencing trouble with redeeming my points, who can I contact?

Please be detailed and provide any relevant screen shots  so we may facilitate troubleshooting.

[email protected] 

When will my Rewards be shipped?

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks after the Redemption Window has closed for processing and shipping.

I redeemed my points, but didn’t receive my package, who do I contact?

If you did not receive your order 4-6 weeks after the Redemption Window has closed, please contact:  [email protected]

I added items to my Wish List, why didn’t I receive them?

The Wish List is for you to note which items you are considering to redeem. If you want those items, make sure you move them to order during one of the Redemption Windows.

I’m trying to use my points and discount on, but it’s not working?

The Quest Squad Loyalty Program is a separate program from the site.

I don’t see where I can redeem my Quest Squad points on

The Quest Squad Loyalty Program is separate from the site.

Why do I need a separate account if I want to earn points from purchasing from

The Quest Squad Loyalty Program is separate from the site.

Do I get anything when I shop on has its own program, click here for more information.



I’ve moved, how do I change my address?

Access your unique Mission Manager link (found in your Mission emails) and scroll to the Contact Details section. Update your information and make sure to save your changes.

Why did my package arrive at my old address?

We provide all current addresses for mailings approx. 6 weeks in advance of date of actual shipping. Please make sure you update your address as soon as there is a change. Unfortunately, we may not be able to send you a replacement package for that missed mailing.

Why am I unable to receive my package?

If your package is rejected due to UPS or Fed Ex being unable to deliver to your address, we won’t be able to ship to you until you have a deliverable address. Also, we currently can not ship to PO Boxes.

Why am I not getting my packages?

Make sure your name AND address does NOT contain: special characters, including apostrophes; your address line does not contain your city or other information; your zip code is not in your city field; your city is the city/township associated with the zip code, etc. The software we use does not recognize special characters, etc, and we will not be able to print and ship to those members.

What is the UPS address protocol?

Follow these guidelines for your Quest Squad profile*:

  • Your Name- Do not use any sort of punctuations or special characters
  • Address – Do not use any sort of punctuations or special characters. You must use USPS rules (click here for USPS rules). You can click here for street suffice abbreviations. And click here for secondary unit designators (APT, STE, etc.)Note:UPS cannot deliver to a PO Box.
  • City or Town and State/Province/County – Use the City or Town that shows up with you enter your zip code in Look Up a ZIP Code (click here)  on com
  1. For US 50 and Canada destinations, use the two-letter abbreviation for the state or province.   Click here for US State and Canada Province Codes.
  2. For other destinations, type up to five uppercase letters and numbers (without spaces) to abbreviate the state or province.


First Name Last Name Address 1 Address 2 City State Abbreviation Postal Code Country


*All addresses will be submitted to our shipping house (per your profile).  If you do not receive your package, UPS/Fed Ex/USPS was unable to ship to you.

I use a drop-off location, am I able to use that address?

As long as the drop-off location can accept shipments. Be sure to pick up your packages, if it is returned to us, we will be unable to reship and/or ship to you in the future.



Why am I not getting my Quest Squad emails/newsletters?

Check your spam/junk/promotions folders. Also, you can whitelist us which would allow our messages to be received. Please see link below:

Email addresses to enter (please add both):

[email protected]

[email protected]

I sent an email and haven’t heard back. When should I expect a response?

We try to respond to emails as soon as we can.

I’ve completed my Welcome Mission, why haven’t I received my Welcome Kit?

Please allow up to 8-10 weeks after receiving confirmation from the Quest Team to receive your Welcome Kit. We understand you’re excited to receive your Quest goodies and are working diligently to ensure you get them as quickly as possible!

I’ve received my Welcome Kit, when do I start receiving Missions (emails)?

We usually have two Missions per month. You will receive your first Mission email for the next Mission you are eligible to participate in (that does not require a pre-shipment; our shipping houses require us to provide addresses up to six weeks in advance of actual shipping).


Why are IG feed posts higher in points?

IG posts live on your timeline, while stories expire. Also, your posts on your feed have an opportunity to be featured on our social and digital channels.

Can I post to my IG Stories/IG Reels? Do they count?

Not all Missions are IG Story or IG Reels eligible. Check the Mission to see if an IG Story /IG Reels counts and if it does, each format will have a separate email with a unique self-report link. Make sure you submit the link for your Story/Reels,  or we won’t know you posted for the Mission.

Why does my IG have to be public?

We at Quest love seeing the posts from our Quest Squad! Please note, it is a requirement for this program to have a public IG.

Why does my IG have to be connected and how do I make sure it is?

In order to give you credit for completing a Mission, your Instagram has to be connected so the system can find your post.  You can make sure your Instagram is connected using your unique Mission Manager link.

How can I tell if my Instagram is connected?

If your Instagram says “Reconnect” when you log in to your Quest account, it is no longer connected.

Why did my Instagram become disconnected?

When you connect Instagram, the connection typically lasts about a month, but the length of time varies by each account. The connection expires to keep your account secure. You can reconnect at any time using your unique Mission Manager link.

I am having trouble connecting my Instagram.

You can reconnect or change your account using your unique Mission Manager link.

Please see our instructions for connecting your account:

If what you are seeing does not match the instructions, click the Submit a Request button at the top of the page to receive help. Please specify which type of Instagram you have and what step you are having trouble with.

How do I switch my IG account/How do I add an IG account?

Go to your unique Mission Manager link and scroll down to the Social Accounts section. You can add a new account by clicking “Add New” or “Reconnect”. Make sure you are logged into the account you want to connect when you do this. For step-by-step instructions, check out the account connection FAQ.

I was asked to upload an image for self-reporting, why is it not working?

Please make sure the image you are self-reporting is either a .jpeg or .png file.


Does your events have a minimum age in order to attend?

Usually the minimum age is 18, but it could be 21, depending on the event.

I have a question not listed in the FAQs, who do I contact?

You can email us at [email protected]

How do I opt-out of the program?

Please let us know via: [email protected]


What is Tap Bio?

Tap Bio is a one-time non-affiliated perk, and is not a Quest Squad requirement.

Members enrolled in Quest Squad by Oct 31, 2019 were eligible for this perk.

Who do I contact with Tap Bio questions?

[email protected]

I saw the Top 10 email, how do I become a top Questie?

We look at your Mission history, so make sure you participate by completing Missions – and have fun with your posts! Be creative and spend some time on the quality.


Suspension/Termination of Membership

Quest reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend or terminate a member’s membership in the Quest Squad program, including but not limited to, in the event of any suspected misconduct, misuse or abuse of any Quest Squad benefits (including association with the Brand), his/her account and/or profile has been compromised, misrepresentation of the company, not meeting the program’s active status criteria, no long participating in Quest Squad Missions and activities within a 90-day period, failure to adhere to any program policies, terms and conditions, and any program changes that would affect membership participation.