Author: Clark Pagaduan


Meet the Quest Protein Bar Minis!

Meet the Quest Bar Minis! 💪🤩  The pocket-sized 80 calorie protein bar comes in two flavors – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Cookies and Cream – with 8g protein, 2g net carbs, &  <1g of sugar per bar that tastes way bigger than it looks. 💯💙 Enjoy at home, on […]

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Questify Recipes

Questified Earth Day Brownies

We’re fond of Earth Day here at the Quest Blog. Why, you wonder. Well it’s because like for all other major and minor holidays, notable occurrences, and obscure observances, it means we’re gonna get something weird from the folks in the Quest Test Kitchen. And friends, what says Earth Day […]

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Questify Recipes

Questified Irish Soda Bread

Erin go bragh! To mark the day, the huge minds in the Quest Test Kitchen have gifted us with an Irish soda bread. If you’ve never tried Quest Multi-Purpose Protein before, this might be just the right time. The perfect complement to any St. Patty’s Day spread. Check out the […]

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Questified Mardi Gras Pancakes

Here at the Quest Nutrition blog two things we love are Mardi Gras and pancakes. We love many things. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of things. Two of them though are Mardi Gras and pancakes and we’re very excited that the great minds in the Quest Test Kitchen decided to combine […]

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