Joy Remetta Super Fan Finalist – Andrew Krajewski


I am nominating Andrew. He is someone who lives the Quest lifestyle every single day. He is constantly motivating not just myself, but everyone who has joined him on his journey. And that’s the best part about him. He’s not getting to a stage on his own; he wants to bring people along not to just watch him on his progress, but to watch others and inspire others on their journey.

We moved out here with whatever fit in the back of our car and he pushed me to do that. He’s started our business with everything we have. He is someone who puts his heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into everything that he does.

His quest lifestyle is that he never forgets he’s on his quest. He wakes up every day more determined and motivated than the day before to keep on grinding. That’s probably my favorite part about him; it’s a new quest every day. Every day it’s how can we improve this or maybe we can try this.

Even though people fail in life, he doesn’t take failure and stays down. He learns and lifts himself back up. That’s how he sees failing; he views it as learning. He’s unselfish and cares for others more than himself. He’s on a quest, and he’s bringing everyone along with him

You can find Andrew at: