Joy Remetta Super Fan Finalist – Ashley Hooman


I have been such a huge Quest Nutrition fan from the beginning. I remember trying my first quest bar and falling in love. It was brownie, I do believe. I smothered that bad boy in peanut butter, and it was then that I knew I would be hooked.

I’ve battled an eating disorder (anorexia) since the age of 12. Quest bars were the catalyst in my recovery. They were the first protein bars that pushed me to start eating again. They helped me get in extra protein when needed, and I finally ENJOYED eating again.

Over the years, I’ve been hospitalized, seen multiple therapists, and almost lost my life due to my obsession with being thin. Finally, I realized enough was enough. About 2 years ago, I took recovery into my own hands.

With the love and support of friends, family, and those on social media, I gained the courage and strength to push through, and finally overcome my disease. I’m finally at a healthy weight, all my vitals are perfect, and my body is functioning the way it should. Also, I’m happy and enjoying life again, something I never thought was possible while in my darker days.

I fell in love with nutrition and exercise, and am now a, an avid lifter, who also scored my dream job at GNC. I constantly talk to customers about quest bars, and have at least one a day. I post ALL about them on my social media, and even got my friends and family hooked.

Quest has been amazing to me ever since I first reached out to them. It’s not just the products that are amazing, but the people as well. Quest is the first company to TRULY care about its customers, and it shows. I appreciate this opportunity to win an amazing award. Thank you so much. I am forever #ONAQUEST to better myself, my life, and others around me. : )

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