Quest Cookie Crunch #15SecondRecipe


Try this healthy & delicious Quest Cookie Crunch #15SecondRecipe using Quest Nutrition Protein Bars by fan Susana O.! #CheatClean today!



– Preheat oven to 350 F

1. Microwave quest bar for 10-12 seconds to soften.

2. Roll into little balls to form the “cereal” I think the smaller the better!

3. Spread them into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper & spray with cooking spray to make them crispier

4. Bake for 4 minutes then take out & move them around(if they are flattening out roll them again into balls) & place in oven for 4 more minutes

5. Repeat step 4 again until they turn a lil golden & crispy! (Keep an eye on them so they won burn)

6. Once done let cool completely in refrigerator & serve when ready to eat with almond milk or milk of choice!

It should be crunchy just like cereal!

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