11 Cat Reactions To Describe Your Fitness-Buddy Relationship

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You know when your fitness buddy catches you red-handed trying to cheat on your diet when you’re out of Quest Bars and can’t #CheatClean anymore?


And then they try to hide your cheat meal somewhere they think you can’t reach? Pfft.



That wasn’t going to stop you, but you’re still a bit shocked at what they just did.



And we get it. It can be hard to keep yourself on a fitness routine without Quest Bars. Sometimes you might want to just… give up. (seriously though, don’t try this at home!)



But this is where having a friend to help you stay focused can help. Sure, it might result in a few odd altercations…



Or other moments that are simply awkward…



But it’s good to have a strong, determined friend that can keep you on track.



Someone who can stare you down until you’re scared to the point of giving up.



And then when you realize that they did it for your own good, it becomes so easy to become best friends again.



I mean, let’s face it – there’s nothing better than having company when you’re #OnAQuest to become healthy.



… and having a friend on your journey usually means that it’s all going to be okay.