Why Joining a Gym in December is the Smartest Move You Can Make

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New Years, Schmew Years — your new you starts now.

I’m going to convince you that December is the best month to start getting fit and healthy. Before you roll your eyes and close the tab, hear me out. What’s the worst that could happen, you get fit and love your new life?

Next month brings with it the new year, 2017. That means it’s time for millions of people around the world to vow to live a better, healthier life in the coming year! Hurray! (FAST FORWARD TO JANUARY…18TH?) “I started going to the gym, but then the new Marvel show came out on Netflix and…” — You get the picture, many of those same millions will have left their New Year’s resolution behind like the slushy snow in the doorway. We all believe that somehow this year will be different, that this year I’m serious about getting fit…so let’s be serious. You’re not serious.

If you were serious, you’d get your butt in the gym in December. Why? Because by the time January 1st rolls around, you’ve had a whole month to test out what works and what doesn’t work. Maybe a drastic diet change isn’t working for you. Maybe you need more cardio and less strength training or vice versa. December is a time to tinker so when that arbitrary date of January 1 arrives you’re already in the groove. 

Oh, and if you join in December, you get the benefit of empty-ass-gyms. 


It’s impossible to not love an empty gym.

With shopping, traveling, work events, family events, friend hangouts and work all clamoring for everyone’s attention — the temple to the body is largely vacant. Plus December is cold as hell, so why not warm up the best way possible by feeling the burn in your muscles? If you’ve got a fear of looking silly because it’s been a hot minute since your hands felt the cold steel of a barbell between your fingers, the empty gym lets you test your limits without prying eyes. It’s the perfect time to acclimatize yourself to a new routine, because once January rolls around, that gym won’t be so empty. But if you joined in December, you’re already well on your way to high-fiving that guy who dominates the dumbbell press like a proper gym rat. 

The most important reason you should join a gym and get a feel for your fitness goals in December is the most important — January 1st is an arbitrary day. If you want to be a new version of yourself, the coming of a new year isn’t going to help you. If you want real change, that’s got to come from within. When we internalize a goal to start at a certain date or after a certain milestone, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. Putting off your fitness and health goals is an unhealthy habit to get into. If you’re planning on hitting the treadmill/bench/stairmaster in 2017, why wait? Do it now. If you need inspiration, check out our Transformation Series. The common theme amongst every one is that they woke up one day and said, this is it. It starts today.

Calendars are really good at helping you put things off until a later date.

If you have the willpower and the drive to take control of your fitness goals next year, start today — right now. Figure out your plan of attack in December, utilize the gym drought, get into a routine and by the time that arbitrary date of January 1st rolls around, you’re already on your way to a healthier 2017.