#15SecondRecipe – Quest + Arctic Zero Chocolate Tacos

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Quest Nutrition + Arctic Zero Chocolate Tacos #15SecondRecipe. Recipe from http://instagram.com/fitness_feens8, one of the winners of the #QuestZero contest.


1. Take a chocolate brownie Quest Bar and microwave it for 10 seconds.
2. Roll the Quest Bar out into a circular thin shape, not too big though.
3. Roll a piece of parchment paper and mold Quest Bar around it to form a taco shape.
4. Bake for 3-4 min at 375 F and let cool completely in the refrigerator.
5. Remove parchment paper mold from the Quest Bar taco and fill with Artic Zero vanilla maple ice cream.
6. Top with some crushed peanuts, PB2 sauce (PB2 and water) and whatever else your heart desires!

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