4 Fun Ways to Burn Calories


Are you trying to get yourself on a fitness routine but don’t see yourself going to an actual gym to work out? Not to worry! There are many alternatives that don’t involve buying a gym membership and forcing yourself to make the trip to your closest gym. As the saying goes… different strokes for different folks. Here are four fun ways to burn calories that doesn’t involve you going to fitness boot camp.

1. Dancing


Dancing may not necessarily be the most effective way to burn calories – but it sure is a fun way to boost your metabolism and keep yourself fit! Remember, (just like with any form of exercise), dancing in “intervals” with periods of low intensity and periods of high intensity is more likely to be effective than steady exercise for long periods of time.

2. Tennis


Like dancing, tennis alone might not be your best bet when it comes to being the core of your plan to lose weight, but it can be an incredibly fun way to stay active.

The best part? You don’t need to actually go down to your local tennis court to break a sweat – just find a wall to hit your tennis ball against! It might be annoying to have to run around and pick up your ball every now and then if you miss or mishit a shot – but another way to look at it would be that picking up missed balls is also part of your workout!

3. Hula hooping


Recent research shows that working out with a hula hoop burns about the same amount of calories as step aerobics, boot camp, or very brisk walking – with around 7 calories burnt for each minute spent hula hooping. Be sure to use an actual weighted hula hoop as opposed to a light plastic hoop – the former are easier to use.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a great way to boost your fitness levels within your existing workout – simply because average person can burn up to 100 calories by doing jumping jacks for a mere 10 minutes.

That being said – being able to do them for 10 minutes nonstop is easier said than done – make no mistake – they’re not easy! But if done properly, jumping jacks can be a great way to get an effective cardio workout.