5 Things I Learned, with Kristine Strange


You read Kristine’s incredible transformation story – but we didn’t want to let her stop there! Here’s what she had to say when we asked her about the five most important things she learned from her wonderful experience –



Make it a lifestyle, not a diet:

A diet is temporary, a lifestyle is forever. Diets cut out certain foods; for me that was not realistic. I want to be able to have the foods I want on occasion. I gave up before with diets because I eliminated the things that I really wanted. Moderation is the key to success!



Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s:

You are your own person, and what you are doing to change your life is huge. Be proud of what you are doing, and let your only competition be yourself – be better than the person you were yesterday.



Forgive yourself and move on:

You are going to have off days and make mistakes and have weeks where you gain, but you are human and it happens. Do not throw in the towel, but simply move on from it. Every day is a new beginning.



Do not worry about the time it will take to reach your goals:

The time is going to pass regardless, so why not lose weight along the way? I lost 100 pounds in just over a year. A year flies by, and I have transformed myself. It was worth it to take a year out of my entire life to better my well being!



Step outside your comfort zone:

This is the hardest one I faced day in and day out. Great things never came from comfort zones – challenge yourself, be bold and set out to reach goals you never knew possible!