5 Things I Learned, with Rebecca Privitera


You read Rebecca’s incredible transformation story here – but we didn’t want to let her stop there! Here’s what she had to say when we asked her about the five most important things she learned from her wonderful experience –




1. Have patience

– with yourself – weight loss, building muscle, or whatever your goal might be takes time and does not happen overnight.




2. Be open to advice

– there are some very intelligent people out there who can offer you some great direction when you need it. I know it’s hard because I was guarded too, but others do want to see you be successful.




3. Train smart

– don’t be so over eager to reach your goals that you burn out or hurt yourself. Your body will tell you when you’ve done too much so listen to it.




4. Challenge yourself

– and try something new. Even if you’re not good at it, try it. And last but not least…




5.  Never give up

– I know you hear it all the time but it’s true. Giving up will not get you anywhere closer to the goals you have in mind, so just keep moving forward!

Fitness like all of us come in many different forms, whether your thing is running, weight lifting, dancing, kickboxing – there is a workout that is made for you!

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