5 Things I learned, with Kristin Marra


You read Kristin’s incredible transformation story – but we didn’t want to let her stop there! Here’s what she had to say when we asked her about the five most important things she learned from her wonderful experience –



1. Set Goals and meet them –

When you set a goal for yourself, make sure to do everything in your power to meet it. After you do you will feel on top of the world.




2. Always make the smarter choice –

You have nothing but the weight to lose here and all the confidence to gain when you train smart, eat smart and surround yourself with positivity!




3. No such thing as failure –

If you find yourself falling off the path and want to give up… Simply pick yourself and try again!




4. Time and patience is a virtue –

Everything takes time to develop and perfect itself. Don’t beat yourself up because after a day at the gym you don’t see results.




5. Believe is a three letter word –

It’s all about Y-O-U! Your health, your body, your future! You won’t get there if you don’t believe!