5 Tips to Stay Fit while in School


I graduated!! That’s right on Saturday June 16th 2012 I finally graduated from the University of California, Irvine with my bachelors degree in Public Health.All my hard work as paid off! I reached this BIG goal and I am extremely proud of myself that as a full time student I was capable of staying in shape throughout my college years and even competed in 2 NPC shows!

Those of you who are students know what campus food is like. Not so healthy right? French fries, burgers, pizza, sodas, plenty of vending machines. It’s definitely a temptation for many students who stay up late studying and want to snack on something. I was tempted plenty of times but I remembered my goals and why I want to be healthy. My quest was to continue my healthy life because it was just that, my LIFE. It wasn’t a diet.

I truly believe that my fit lifestyle is what kept me on top of school. I was always clear minded after morning cardio, I felt plenty of energy from my clean diet and I drank plenty of water to keep me hydrated. How did I make time for all of this? I scheduled in my workouts like I would my study sessions. My workouts were literally in my agenda so they would never get missed. Remember it’s up to you how you define your life. You have all the power to reach for the stars.

Here are five tips to Stay Fit while in School:

  • Schedule in your workout in your agenda like you would your study sessions.
  • Always carry a pair of workout clothes with you in your pack back or car so you never have an excuse of not getting a workout in because you ‘forgot’ your gym clothes.
  • Use the outdoors to exercise. Don’t be afraid to use the campus as your exercise. I ran around the campus often its free and there is no gym required…so why not!?!
  • Cook in bulk at home or in your dorm and put food in Tupperware’s so save you time throughout the week, then you can just pack in a lunch pale and leave to school.
  • Buy a reusable 1 liter bottle and refill as you go about your day on campus. All campuses have some type of refill water station or water fountain. This saves you money from buying water bottles or unhealthy sodas.