5 Ways to Enjoy Avocado Beyond Guacamole

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Avocado is trendy for a reason—it’s packed with heart-healthy fats, filling protein, and magnesium to boost muscle recovery post-workout. Yet, it’s also super delicious and has a nice and creamy texture, making it versatile and easy to use in different meals and snacks.

And there are many ways to enjoy avocado beyond guacamole with some veggies or crackers. (Although that never gets old!) If you are looking for some more tasty ways to enjoy avocado that don’t involve dip, here are some great recipe ideas to try. With each you’ll get a good dose of fiber, protein, fat, and other vital vitamins and minerals to better your body and mind.

With Eggs

Enjoy avocado diced in an egg scramble or mixed into an omelet for breakfast. The avocado provides fat to pair with egg’s rich protein to fuel your morning and keep you full until lunch. Plus, you can even spread avocado on toast (hello avocado toast!) and top on egg on it with some spices or cheese. Or try smoked salmon over avocado on that whole grain or wheat toast, as well.

In Smoothies

Use creamy and rich avocado in a smoothie or shake after a workout to regain electrolytes and repair muscle damage. The fats and protein help your muscles recover, and it’ll fill you up and restore the depleted energy lost through sweat and effort. Plus, avocado has potassium, an electrolyte your body must get back of after working out. Add in some greens, a protein powder, and a fruit, like banana.

In Soups

Avocado tastes great in a chilled soup with peas, for example, but you can use it in other ways, as well. Since you can puree veggies and avocado, it’s a good green soup recipe you can make in bulk and then keep on hand for easy lunches and dinners throughout the week. It’s super thick and rich, so you’ll fill up fast. Top with crumbled bacon or cheese, as well as a crostini, if desired.

In a Sauce or Dressing

If you are having salad, make a green goddess type of dressing that incorporates avocado. It will be thick, but healthier than a traditional Cesar, and you can add in herbs, yogurt, and other elements, too. You can also make a nice sauce with avocado you can use with chicken kabobs, steak, or grilled salmon—it goes well as a garnish or sauce topping with meat and fish.

In Chocolate Dessert

That’s right—you can whip up protein balls made with chocolate and avocado for those fun “truffle” like balls of fun that actually have good protein and fat. Think of fat bombs if you’re keto as a good example too. You can also use avocado in chocolate-based desserts, like a chocolate mousse or pudding, since avocado is silky smooth for the texture. And you’ll get a boost of nutrition while you’re at it!