7 Tips to Love the Skin You’re In


How many times have you flipped through the magazines and stared at the beautiful models only wishing that you could look like that?  A lot of times we get wrapped up in trying to achieve an unattainable, airbrushed image of perfection. We’ve all seen in person, or heard a story about, spotting a celebrity in real life who doesn’t look like the glammed up version in the magazines, television or even Facebook.

When we compare ourselves to these Photoshopped images we can get depressed.  The only way to zap this negativity is to let go of unrealistic notions of what you should look like.  Being fit and healthy means you not only look great on the outside, but you feel great about yourself on the inside.  No one is perfect!  Each and everyone of us has a unique set of talents that no one else has.  We all have imperfections that make us unique.  Accepting yourself and your body and loving yourself for the fabulous person that you are can lead to a more fulfilling life and a happier you.

Try these tips to boost your self confidence and love the beautiful person that you are:

  1.  Focus on the positive.  Tell yourself everyday that you are a unique and fabulous person.  Everyone has positive and negative traits about them.  No one is perfect!
  2. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations!  Buy yourself a affirmation book and read a couple pages every day.  You will be surprised how great you feel after.
  3. Accept your imperfections.  Stop dwelling on the things you can’t change.
  4. Talk to yourself in the mirror and say something good about yourself.
  5. Don’t worry about what other people think about you.   If you try to make everyone happy you will discover that others still are not happy and you have exhausted a lot of energy and you are not happy either.
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others.  Especially don’t compare yourself to the images in the magazines.
  7. Don’t jeopardize your health to look a certain way.  Starving yourself or doing a crash diet will only lead to bigger problems in the long run.
  8. Pamper yourself.  Show yourself that you love and accept yourself.  You are worth it!!