8 Ways To Find the Motivation to Get Fit & Healthy


It’s Thursday afternoon and you just finished your work shift – gym bag in hand, water bottle filled up. As you walk out of those double doors and into your car, you approach the exit to the gym… and then it slowly fades away.

Despite the potential negative outcomes, decisions such as these regarding health are not unusual among most people. What makes us chose the path to a better lifestyle? In the majority of cases, physical ability is not what matters – it comes down to motivation – an entity that needs to be practiced, much like brushing your teeth, or it will simply become nonexistent. How do we light that fire to get back into an exercise routine?

Below I offer insight on ways one can and should overcome that fitness inertia!


1. Set specific goals: If the aim is too high or not realistic, this can become a recipe for disaster. Make sure you’ve got many small goals, with small steps to the bigger picture. For example, aim towards losing 1-2lbs per week as opposed to 20lbs in a short amount of time.

2. Visualize your rewards: If you can see it and speak it into existence, chances are it will become a reality. SEE yourself hitting that personal best or finishing that race!

3. Assess current complacency: If you are tired of not being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, or don’t like your pictures, set the ball in motion! Use your unfavorable situation as motivation to start on a healthy path!

4. Focus on the value: Becoming fit and healthy not only will shape a great physique, but more importantly will yield benefits from a disease-prevention standpoint, increase functionality & activities of daily living, and impact longevity in general.


5. Try something new: Engaging in activities that are different always adds a sense of curiosity and suspense. Try a group exercise class that you’ve never taken, or an alternative form of fitness that may lead to a new passion!

6. Buddy system: If there’s someone in your family or a friend partaking in the exercise program alongside you, this may not only increase accountability but make it more enjoyable as well! Partner up, set up a common time to meet, and make the gym a date!

7. Be a role model: Setting a good example for your kids, family and friends can put a positive pressure to set ourselves up for success!

8. Make it fun: This is simple. If you don’t like doing a certain type of exercise, do not do it or it will result in something very temporary!


Once you develop a consistency with becoming healthy, staying motivated is also important and probably the most challenging aspect of the subject at hand. Celebrate EVERY step, every milestone achieved. Progress is progress, no matter how big or small. Don’t focus on the scale or get too bogged down by numbers in general. Health goes beyond these arbitrary ranges!

Along these lines, refrain from comparing yourself to others. Every single person’s journey is different, so strive to make you a better you each and everyday. Lastly, maintain a positive outlook! Believe in yourself and all of your capabilities. Although fitness and health is physical in nature, there is no denying a sense of determination can go a long way.

Article by Sofia Rodriguez. You can find her at:

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