9 Hilarious Reactions To Running Out Of Quest Bars

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Let’s face it – running out of Quest Bars is an awful feeling.


And we get that. When you’ve got a box full of Quest Bars, it’s easy to gorge on them like you’ve got an endless supply!




But then when you’re about halfway through, you do whatever you can to preserve your precious stash from everyone…



In no time however, you get to the point where you’ve got just one bar left…



Except for those times where you realize you’ve actually got a few hidden in your backpack, of course.



But before you know it, it’s all gone.


At which point you’re meticulously planning out how you’re going to ration your next box of Quest Bars.



But then – as always – all of that goes right out the window when your next box arrives.



But it doesn’t really matter – because you know it’s money well spent.


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