A Lifestyle to Love and Spread

Meghan Hess has lost 45 lbs. in her ongoing transformation.
Meghan Hess has lost 45 lbs. in her ongoing transformation.

For a 21-year-old, I am in the best shape of my life! Most people my age would rather spend their happy hour at the bar. In my eyes, my happy hour is at the gym. I have lost a total of 45 pounds and counting. I’m a promo model for Eat the Bear protein and studying nutrition/dietetics. I also work part time for GNC and love to inspire and help others looking to transform their lives. I believe health and fitness is a lifestyle to love, and I for one, enjoy it very much.

Around a year ago, I remember looking at myself in the mirror disgusted. When I looked in the mirror, junk food was all over my room and I was about to eat fast food for dinner. There was a rush of motivation that shot through my body to make a change. Not just for happiness, but for my overall health. I was never happy with my weight growing up and always told myself that I would one day make a change. I dreaded going to the doctor to get weighed and I never wanted to be in a bathing suit around anyone.

I immediately signed up at a gym and became an obsessed cardio bunny. In the early part – I was starving myself, only using the elliptical or treadmill and doing abs consistently and I didn’t see results. I was confused and frustrated until I met a huge inspiration of mine, Roxann Rizzuto.

Meghan wants to help others in their fitness goals.
Meghan wants to help others in their fitness goals.

Roxann, a fitness model, is also involved with Eat the Bear protein as a sponsored athlete for them. She also works with other companies and competes as a NPC bikini competitor. After reaching out to her, she saw my love and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. She kindly took time out of her schedule to write me a proper diet plan and workout routine. With her awesome help, I properly learned to diet correctly and was not scared to LIFT WEIGHTS! I gained so much knowledge from her and her friendship.

Every day, I research more and more about workouts and nutrition. I came to the realization that this was the lifestyle for me.

I decided that my love for helping those that want to lose weight is more important to me and I switched my major from education to nutrition/dietetics. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to receive my degree.

Lets face it, dieting can be difficult, and my weaknesses are chocolate and peanut butter. One day leaving my gym, I noticed three boxes of protein bars sitting on the counter.

I decided to pick the Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar and read the nutrition facts. I was in total shock! I asked Roxann about Quest Bars and she heard about them as well. She was amazed about how healthy they are and said I should give them a shot. I bought the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor and I remember the hallelujah chorus that played in my head during the first bite. I’ve been hooked since then!

I was truly amazed how delicious they were, but also how filling they were! No one believed me at first until I recommended everyone I knew to try one. As more and more flavors came out, I tried every single one. It is honestly a huge decision deciding which Quest Flavor I want to eat today. Working for GNC, customers come in for protein bars everyday. I always recommend Quest to every customer, no matter what age or size. I always tell customers to come back and tell me how they liked them. In a matter of days, customers return in awe of these bars. They even tell me their weight loss accomplishments after substituting these bars in their diet. Seeing the customer’s satisfaction puts the biggest smile on my face.

Meghan hopes to be involved in the fitness industry and compete as a bikini model.
Meghan hopes to be involved in the fitness industry and compete as a bikini model.

A Quest Bar is one of my favorite treats for the day. Satisfying my sweet tooth, I am glad to say Quest is the answer. With hopes of rising in the fitness industry, preparing photo shoots, and hopefully competing in a bikini competition, I know that Quest will help me achieve that dream. I would love for anyone and everyone to enjoy my transformation to prove to them they can achieve any goal they set their mind to. They can begin their starting line wherever and whenever they choose. There is no time limit on a goal. Slow and steady wins the race. I am far from where I want to be, but I am definitely closer then I was yesterday. I’m on a QUEST and so can you.


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