Always ask WHY


Why do we believe what we believe? Why we do what we do?  In the world of health and fitness, we all want in one way or another to accomplish some type of goal.  Whether it is an aesthetic goal or even a wellness goal, it varies from person to person.  However, the number one question that one has to ask themselves is, “why?”.

Normally, the goal that one sets has the overarching theme of “what” one wants to achieve.  Furthermore, if one’s goal is to win an award of some sort in a fitness show or to get six pack abs, those are not bad things.  However, if one instead asks “why”, it is far more compelling than “what”. The Why is suitable. The Why drives you forward.  Someone is always going to look better, be bigger, or run faster than you.  There is no getting around that fact.  However, that is okay and perfectly fine, but only if you are truly getting and achieving what it is that you truly want out of life.  The same goes with accumulating wealth or even Facebook friends and followers.

We all known someone who lives a sedentary life. I would bet that is not due to aesthetics. When one focuses on the inside everything on the outside gets better. It will not happen overnight. You must recognize what is going on internally instead of focusing externally on what everyone else has. If one slips up on their diet, or takes a day or two off from working out, that’s totally fine.  It is not how many times we fall down, and definitely not about how many people we can bring down with us, but how many times we get back up again and help others up as well.  After all, there will come a day in which we will have to give an account as far as “what” we wanted out of this life, and moreso “why”.


Happy Fall Season,

Owen D. Taylor III

WBFF Men’s Fitness Model