Center Your Life Around Your Passion

Just For Fun

I can’t believe it’s already August — never did I imagine that five months ago when we revamped the old Quest Nutrition blog into The Bloq that it would resound with our audience so well. As a person who has a deep relationship with writing and a passion for sharing stories, I can’t imagine a better theme for this month on The Bloq.

We’re bringing you another series of articles ranging from the silly to the sincere and everything in between. As summer draws to a close, but the temperatures fail to end their assault, the only thing that can keep us going is passion and moving toward our goals. So take a look around The Bloq and share our stories with your friends and families.

The Bloq is possible through the amazing contributions of our freelancers and our incredible art team at Quest and we can’t wait to continue to bring you valuable reads you won’t find anywhere else. So even though we’re commencing one of our most aggressive product launch schedules with THREE NEW Quest Bars by the end of the year, we’re still dedicated to providing quality to our fans and newcomer alike. Why? Because, for me, personally, it’s my passion.