Choose the Rocky Road

Mind Transformation

Life is a perpetual stream of change. The only constant is that time passes and we, as humans, are tasked with navigating the waters in an attempt to stay afloat. It’s important during difficult times to remember that even when you feel the bottom is about to hit, as time passes, you’ll elevate above the bottom. The metaphor and theme of The Bloq for the month of November is “Choose the Rocky Road.” Yes, it’s the marketing language we’re using for the launch of the newest Quest Bar flavor, but it’s also a statement that celebrates those who choose the road less traveled. Choosing the more difficult route — pushing your boundaries — putting yourself in an uncomfortable or unsettling situation — knowing that your trial will only strengthen you.

To be fair, I misspoke above, there’s another constant — choice. It was estimated that humans make 35,000 decisions a day. Logically, that’s not enough time to think through every decision to ensure it’s the right decision. The best thing we can do to gain control of our lives is to know that we’re making the right choices based on our needs at the moment. The only barrier to entry is setting goals. Those who choose the rocky road are working toward something, regardless of what others think or even what their minds or bodies may tell them. They fight for their integrity and their humility, always knowing that greater things are on the horizon.

If you’ve been a fan of The Bloq I like to think you’ve made the right choice. We’ve had a couple of pivots in tone and look since we started in March, but it’s been a massive collaborative effort from our incredibly talented team at Quest. Without you and without them, The Bloq wouldn’t be possible. You have many choices in life and you’re choosing to support us. Thank you.