Circuit Train for Ultimate Fat Loss


As much as I love bodybuilding training; deadlifts, squats, curls, etc, circuit training has it’s place in my training plan. I use it when I’m short on time, want to get cardio in with my training session, and to keep my heart rate up. Circuit training increases your power, strength and endurance which results in an awesome intense workout!


Here is an example of a circuit training plan.


Upper Body Circuit


5 minute treadmill warmup

Dips to failure

1 minute burpees

Pull Ups to failure

1 minute mountain climbers

Biceps curls 8-10 reps

1 minute burpees

Tricep Kickback 8-10 reps

1 minute mountain climbers

Dumbbell Chest Press 8-10 reps

1 minute push ups

end with 5 minute treadmill run


Beginners: Do circuit once

Intermediate: Repeat 2x

Advanced: Repeat 3x


**Remember do not focus on how fast you can finish focus on every rep and feeling the burn. Now you can make a similar circuit for lower body. I highly recommend a heart rate monitor so you always stay in the zone!**