Climbing from Rock Bottom

Dennis Cottone hit rock bottom before deciding to change his life.
Dennis Cottone hit rock bottom before deciding to change his life.

This is to anyone who ever thought they could not do it.

At the age of 38, I had been out of shape for most of my life. I was actually comfortable with it in my 20’s as pizza and late night runs to 7-11 for a Big Gulp and donuts was the thing to do. As I hit my 30’s, it changed though. Getting up in the morning was a little tougher. I was more tired after work, and even driving to get fast food was a workout. My diet consisted of burgers, soda, fries, and some sort of dessert that I’m sure was not of any good nutritional substance. I believe people want to change, but sometimes cannot until they hit their rock bottom. I guess that is what happened to me. I hit my rock bottom. I came to that realization when I looked in the mirror I hated the way I looked and felt. I knew I needed change, but where?

A friend gave me a workout program. It was the Insanity Program. This was a 60 day program designed to be the hardest cardio I ever did and whip me into shape! This was it. This was the answer to my problem. So I proudly took that program home and before I could even begin to start the program…I put it in the closet and let it sit there for another three months before I would again find that ROCK BOTTOM!

Three more months had passed and I had just gotten out of the shower and saw myself in the mirror. I about broke that mirror in hate! Not just for the way I looked, but because of the failures I brought upon myself in life. So with that one moment, I weighed myself. I was a lofty 245 lbs. My body fat measured at 28% and it was on! This was going to be a challenge. I knew if I was going to do this, I was going to have to do it right. So with that, I knew of Beachbody. They are the company that made the Insanity Workout. I became a Coach for them and started an online group. I knew this would keep me accountable if I had to post and motivate others. Plus, I had to show that I could get results as well. So with that small step, I started the journey.

I changed my diet and started eating five to six smaller meals/snacks a day. I gave up fast food and soda cold turkey and replaced it with water. I started with a meal replacement shake and extra protein in my diet and learned more on eating right as the weeks followed. The end result for me at the end of those 60 days from Insanity was 35 lbs. down and a drop of 15% in body fat. One of the major tools for me was Quest Bars. To be more specific – the coconut flavor! Love that one! I had learned that not all bars are created equal, and most out there are nothing more than an expensive candy bar. Eating a candy bar is kind of what started this whole mess to begin with too! Wanna know the difference. Look at the ingredient list on a Quest Bar and the ingredients on the rest of them out there.

Dennis Cottone's amazing transformation.
Dennis Cottone’s amazing transformation.

My journey started out in March of 2012. A little over a year later, I am now down 50 lbs. and 8% body fat. I turn 40 years old this November. For the first time, I feel good about me. This journey has been so much more than losing weight. It has changed the way I see myself as a person, my emotions, and my confidence. The group that I have online has grown tremendously and I am helping others with nutrition, workouts, and motivation. Helping others has become a passion to me. Because of this I have found my calling.

If you are in need of motivtion, workout programs, nutritional help feel free to contact me via the following.

Your friend in the fight,

Dennis Cottone