Filling the Wheelbarrow – Little things lead to BIG success!!


Mark J. Domme is a 45 year old husband and father of 3. Mark is a certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, and 200RYT yoga instuctor. He has been competing as a bodybuilder for 5 years in the Open Middleweight and Masters 40-49 classes.

Every person who steps in the gym has a goal…..add 10lbs of muscle, lose 20lbs of fat or improve athletic performance. No two people have the exact same goal or the same strategy to get there, but we all have a specific vision of the final outcome. The mistake most people make is that they are so focused on the outcome they fail to focus on the small steps it takes to get there. It is the days, weeks, and months of consistent training, proper nutrition, and employing adequate rest and recovery that will bring you success. No single workout, meal, or massage will make much difference in the final outcome but, the accumulation of hundreds of those things will!

By focusing on the small tasks that must be accomplished daily you can effectively zero in on the larger task at hand. Take each meal and every workout one at a time and make them your sole focus at that particular moment. At the end of the day you will have had 6-8 perfect meals and a solid training session. Stack those days one after the other and you are on your way to

success. The days lead into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into the end product you envisioned. Missing a meal, skipping a workout, or any other disruption to your plan is sometimes unavoidable, but  you can simply let that one go and focus on the next.  The damage will be minimal in the big picture and you are still moving forward. Do not let one small misstep derail your progress!

An analogy I like to use is moving a ton of sand with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. The pile of sand is the goal (fat loss, muscle gain, etc.) and is impossible to move all at once. The shovel (quality meals and workouts) and the wheelbarrow (perfect weeks and months) allow you to break the work up into manageable loads. Take it a shovelful at a time, fill the wheelbarrow, move it forward and repeat. Before you know it that pile of sand is in a new spot. Maybe you dropped a few shovelfuls along the way…no big deal, you still kept working and at the end of the day the sand got moved.

So keep it up, stay focused and achieve your goals no matter how big or small!