Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall!


Well, Not Quite Yet … But Be Ready

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of reasons.  All of the hard work that you put into that physique for the swimsuit season, for competitions, or just to improve your health for yourself and others; what is going to happen in the Fall?  From the beach & pool scene in the summer to the start of football games, tailgating, and all of the different types of food that are at these venues, how should one respond to the changing of the season?  It all depends on the reason why you have certain goals in the first place.  This is where the difference between the maintenance and relapse of goals is distinguished.  Cold weather usually means more tasty foods, especially the closer to the holidays that we get.

Remember those fitness goals you had before the summer began?  How were those goals different from one season of the year to another season?  Were those goals just for aesthetics to look more attractive on the outside or were they goals to improve your health and to live longer?  Don’t beat yourself up over that tiny piece of cake or bean dip or even that one drink, go ahead and have it in moderation.

Consider the pay to play rule.  The more that you pay in the present or the amount of physical activity that you are able to do the more room you have to reasonably “play”.  On the flip side, the more that you play in the present such as at a tailgate or binging on the major holidays, the more that you might be paying for it afterwards.

If you have a fitness coach or mentor, is he on your team with your stated goals in mind?  Is your quarterback drawing up an offense for you to not only have aesthetic goals but true life changing ones, or is he going to throw you the ball into a moving brick wall?  Or, another parallel, with returning a kickoff of a diet and exercise plan….is your trainer/coach (blocker) someone that can tell you to kneel the ball in the end zone and reel you in when needed as well as someone that will block in front of you and lead you to success (maintenance) or will you have a blocker that will set you up for relapse or failure?  Wwhat is the type of play (or goal) that you are truly wanting to accomplish, and why?

To hold onto those fitness goals you had before swimsuit season, remember the true reason why you made them in the first place.

Have a great end to the summer and an awesome start to the fall season.



Owen D. Taylor III  (a.k.a.-Optimus Prime)

WBFF Mens Fitness Model

August 2011 Male Prodigy on

Rep. by The Gregory Agency

Dallas, Texas