Good Health Without a Plan is Just a Wish


Wedding dress…check.

QUEST BARS…check, check check!

Quest helps me stay on track with my diet, energy, and protein levels of course.  But Quest also helped me survive my wedding!

Recently, my long time love, Danny and I got married in Cape Cod, Massachusetts!  I was so happy to have lots of Quest Bars with me during not only our long flights, but our long drives as well!

Happy Couple
Danny and Elizabeth Bennett.

With all the stress of planning the wedding and organizing transportation and activities for out of town guests, my training went by the wayside.  Lucky for me (with the help of Quest), I managed to keep my diet somewhat under control (minus my wedding cake, of course!)

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet while you are on the road; even more difficult to maintain your training.  I love to keep Quest Bars in my car, gym bag, and my carry on when I travel.  I also pack single-serve packets of protein powder when we leave town.  Another great food to take with you are apple slices and natural peanut butter (they allow peanut butter to be taken on board the plane, but not yogurt… needless to say, Danny and I were seen wolfing our Chobani’s before boarding our flight to Boston).

As far as training on the road, I always stay at a hotel with an exercise room.  When I am staying with friends or family, I call ahead to the local gym and get a three day or week long pass.  Most gyms don’t mind giving those out freely. I am a serious repeat offender of those!

Before you head out of town on your next trip, remember, a little bit of planning goes a long way!  And be sure to pack those Quest Bars!