Great Sweet Flavors for People Who Don’t Like Chocolate

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While chocolate happens to be on the list of foods that most people love, there are a few chocolate haters out there who can’t seem to get into that rich, deep flavor and prefer sweeter foods of a different variety. (Yes, I know chocolate lovers—it seems crazy—but it’s true.)

Luckily, there are so many delicious flavors that don’t include chocolate and still satisfy that sugar craving. Whether you’re looking at seasonal produce, or classic sweet flavors, you’re bound to find a couple of fantastic options that can hit the spot and that might even be pretty good for you, too. Here are a few ways to indulge when chocolate just isn’t your thing.



Lemon and other types of citrus, like orange, are pretty refreshing for summertime and the warmer months, and it’s easy to pair with other types of flavors to create a great balance in the mouth. For instance, lemon is tangy, and it’s also tart, but you can make it sweet by adding in powdered sugar and other sweet notes, or you can even make it spicy with a touch of cayenne pepper.

Use lemon as a base and go for sweetness with some tart notes for a delicious lemon pie or powdered lemon bar. You can also make lemon meringue, which is light and lower in calories too. If that’s not your speed, Quest just released a sweet and tangy Lemon Cake Protein Bar that’s snack sized with 20g of protein with 4g net carbs and just 1g of sugar. Perfect for pre-or-post workout, or just because you have a craving.

Fresh Berries

Berries are naturally sweet and are high in nutrients, such as fiber and antioxidants. Fiber fills you up—so you will feel more satisfied with that sweet treat and can resist the urge to overindulge—and antioxidants better your heart and skin health, as well as promote anti-aging.

You can pair berries with whipped cream for dessert, use it in ice cream or get a flavored scoop from the store, make a sweet smoothie, or whip up a jam or sauce to put on other desserts, too. Go for variety, like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.



Cheesecake can be savory but it’s often sweet, since you pair it with sweet flavors, like raspberry sauce or strawberries. So, enjoy a slice of cheesecake when you do not like chocolate, or eat a snack or protein bar that’s flavored with it, such as raspberry cheesecake. It’ll taste super indulgent, but you’ll actually get some great health perks, and it’ll be lower in sugar and fat than traditional cheesecake too.

Cake Batter

Cake batter is an awesome flavor for ice cream, protein bars, and more, and it’s a fun and tasty option when you do not like chocolate. You can make it fancier by adding in rainbow sprinkles or actual cake bites (think ice cream that has legit pieces inside of it—yum!), or you can simply grab a protein bar that tastes like cake batter with a more vanilla type of coating and frosting to round it out.

You can even get cake batter protein powder to whip up a handy pre- or post-workout smoothie that will replenish electrolytes or help fuel your muscles.