Healthy “Carb-Like” Breakfasts That Won’t be a Diet Disaster

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Carby breakfasts get a bad rap because of their general lack of fiber and protein, coupled with lots of sugar. So that kind of breakfast kinda deserves that reputation. Because of this, people tend to gravitate toward eggs, colorful veggies, scrambles and high protein foods that don’t have that satisfying morning kick of sweetness and carbs we all crave.

And that’s a good thing, as eggs, breakfast sandwiches, greens, yogurt and other types of non-starchy breakfasts are high in protein and can be convenient if you have a hectic schedule.

But we all crave carbs.  Thankfully there are ways we can achieve a balance between a hard protein breakfast that tastes like a protein breakfast, and a high protein breakfast that tastes like a carb buffet.

Protein Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Yes, you can totally enjoy one when you’re rushing out the door and need something portable and sweet that is also low in net carbs and sugar. The Quest Protein Cookies hit the spot and they have 15 grams of protein to keep you full until your next meal.

Of course, 200-250 calories might be on the low end for a morning meal if you’re not eating a snack before lunch, so you can definitely pair the cookie with something else, like a packet of nut butter to spread on top for more calories, good fats and fiber.


Protein Pancakes or Waffles

Depending on how much you’re trying to curb the carbs, you can get a nice protein boost by adding a scoop of protein powder to your regular old pancakes. Using this method you can add anywhere from 18-20 grams of protein to your standard pancake recipe. Or, if you’re really adventurous and committed:

You can also make genuine protein pancakes. By using protein powder, almond flour, eggs and baking powder you can enjoy a pancake that severely cuts out the carb content. There are also pre-made pancake or waffle mixes if you don’t feel like dealing with a dusty countertop every morning. You can top them with a no sugar syrup or your favorite fruits and nuts!

The “Chaffle”

You can also make a chaffle. What’s a chaffle, you ask? People on the ketogenic diet know this as a cheese-based waffle. Yes, if you’re adhering to the high fat, moderate protein, low carb eating model of keto, you can wake up and enjoy a cheese waffle.  Yes, it’s a bit different, but you’re getting in good calcium and protein while keeping it low-carb. Using eggs and cheese (mozzarella and cheddar are good options), you can make a batch of chaffles with a mini waffle maker (like Dash) and keep on hand for breakfast later in the week. It’s super easy with thisbasic recipe.