Healthy Holiday Eating


Holiday eating is one of those things that if not monitored can and will get the best of you, and potentially send you into a tailspin of an unhealthy eating pattern that may last for the days and even weeks to come.

Here are some tips to make it through the holidays without all the guilt.

  • Be prepared. Know that you will be in an environment with lots of temptations. If you mentally prepare yourself and set yourself up for eating success, you are more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan.
  • If you have had success in the past with weight loss, healthy eating, or have reached a fitness goal, use that as a reason to stick to a healthy eating plan. Consider the weight loss you have achieved, the goals you have hit, and the healthy lifestyle you are living. Is splurging really worth messing all that up?
  • Alcoholic beverages are empty calories and make it harder for you to avoid temptation. So try to avoid drinking if possible.
  • Eat a healthy small meal or snack before the special occasion so that you are less hungry and won’t overdo it.
  • Eat a Quest bar before going.
  • Drink plenty of water or other low calorie beverages so that you feel fuller when you show up to your special occasion.
  • Eat the “bad” food in small amounts. It’s ok to have them in moderation. Eat them slowly and enjoy every bite.
  •  Keep your hands busy by holding a beverage. It is hard to overeat if your hands are busy.
  • Choose low calorie healthy snacks such as veggies, or lean cuts of meat.
  • Don’t deny yourself. People celebrate, mourn, and bond with food. Don’t overdo it but be part of the festivities. You are NOT perfect and nobody should be expected to eat perfect all the time. It’s ok to splurge from time to time, and in doing so you won’t necessarily mess up your entire eating program. You can’t begin or end a diet with ONE meal. Watch your portion size, be accountable for what you are consuming, and you won’t end up overdoing it.
  • Focus on the environment around you; the conversation and having a good time, rather than the eating.
  • Chew gum or have mints handy. These help with cravings for sugar and will keep your mouth busy keeping you from grazing on unhealthy snacks.
  • If the only way you can handle temptation is to avoid it, don’t go.

Guest post by Brandan Fokken. Like Him to learn more!