How To Become a Morning Person


At no point in history have our lives been busier than today.  Work, family, school and training are all demanding a portion of our day and none can be ignored. My family and my job are both top priorities. The hours they demand are inflexible and often subject to change as the day goes on.  Afternoon or early evening workouts are great, but many times they are compromised due to unexpected occurances beyond my control.

To alleviate this and to lessen the impact of my bodybuilding pursuits on my family, I have gravitated to an early morning training schedule. Luckily I am a “morning” person so I have no trouble rising and starting my day well before the sun comes up. For those of you who are not, it may take some adjustment, but once you become accustomed to it you will find it works great! Mentally, it is always a great feeling to start the day knowing that you have already put your work in and eliminated all excuses for missing a training session!

Today I will offer a few tips and strategies for making an early morning training session as efficient, manageable, and productive as possible. Ready to make the switch to morning workouts? Then read on!


The Night Before:  

1) Prepare pre-workout meal (1/2C. Oats w/25g Whey Isolate-add hot water in AM)

2) Load gym bag with Ipod, post-workout meal (1/2C Oats w25g Whey Isolate-add hot water at gym), Intra-workout drink mix (10g BCAAs, 10g glutamine, Crystal Lite), Straps and Wraps, etc.

3) Set out pre-workout supplements

4) Set coffee maker timer

5) Set out gym clothes and shoes


The Morning Of:

1) Add hot water to oats and whey

2) Prepare intra-workout drink

3) Check e-mail, messages, take dogs out, clean kitchen, etc.

4) Pack meals for work

5) Off to the gym!!!!


Fitting it All In – My Daily Schedule:

2:45AM   Wake

3:00AM   Eat pre-workout meal

4:00-6:00AM   Train and Cardio

6:10-6:40AM   Commute to work (post-workout meal eaten en route)

7:00-3:30PM   Work

3:40-4:15PM   Commute to gym

4:30-5:30 or 6:30PM  Train clients or 2nd cardio session during contest prep

9:00-10:00PM   In bed

Repeat daily.


What’s your daily routine like?