How to Stay Mentally Sane During Lockdown

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Lockdown can be a struggle—your life has changed dramatically! You are stuck inside and the hours may feel longer than usual. Your social life and access to your favorite bars, restaurants, and nature spots are limited, and if you live alone, it can feel super, super weird to not see people. (I live alone, so I can relate!)

It can be hard to find the motivation to stick with a normal routine or to stay positive when you feel more isolated and restricted than usual. Yet, here are a few tips for staying sane during lockdown—and remember, everything is temporary.

FaceTime or Call a Friend or Family Member

Staying connected to others when you’re left home alone makes social distancing feel more social! It can keep you invested in the lives of your close network and it can even help you rekindle older relationships, such as those with college friends who live in different cities or relatives who are from your home town.

Take this opportunity to get closer to those whom you may have lost touch with or do not call or see in person often. Not only will these calls act as a distraction to pass the time but also once quarantine is over you could end up with stronger, better relationships.

Work Out Regularly

Working out helps keep your mood high, and it’s a great stress-busting activity, so you can relieve tension during this anxiety-provoking time. By keeping up a regular sweat routine, you will have that endorphin boost each day, and it will become a healthy way to manage that stress and stay mentally focused and well.

Choose an activity you love or mix things up! You can run stairs and do drills if you are a runner, or you can try a HIIT or boxing class on a streaming platform, like Instagram live or an app. You can also go with something lower-intensity, such as barre, Pilates, or yoga. Do what feels good for you.

Create a List of Things You Can Look Forward To

Create two lists. The first is for the future. Just think of all the things you can do after we are out of quarantine! Make a list of things you can look forward to once we are out, so you can think ahead and build the anticipation.

As for the second list, make it a daily habit—each morning you will write down three things to look forward to that day. It could be what you plan on cooking for dinner, a new workout class you want to stream, a book you want to begin, or a television show that will be on later that evening.

Nourish Your Body With Food You Love

Fuel your body and heart with healthy, nutritious food that also provides comfort. So, if you love pizza, make your own healthier pizza at home and pack on some extra toppings.

Love chocolate? Make chocolate covered strawberries for a sweet but better-for-you dessert that has antioxidants and fiber. It’s all about balance. You want to enjoy your favorite, indulgent foods during this time to provide self-compassion, but you also want it to provide some health benefits, too.

Get Enough ZZZ’s

Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Although your schedule might be out of whack currently, where you are sleeping in and going to bed later after a few binges on Netflix, it’s time to cut the habit and get back into a routine.

Think of going to your office, even if it is just in the living room. Set an alarm to go to bed at a decent time and wake up in the morning ready to work. And don’t skimp on the total hours of sleep, either! Your body needs them to feel level-headed and well. And if there was ever a time where you’ve got the ability to catch up on sleep, it’s now.