Human Potential Is Nearly Limitless

Just For Fun

Summer is officially here and that means we’re switching things up on The Bloq! You may notice we’re streamlining the articles for this month’s issue — as we continue to evolve, we’re dedicated to providing you with more variety. June’s issue has a slimmer editorial list, but we’re planning to have more frequent updates between now and July to help curb your hunger for tasty, transformative articles.

This month, we spoke with a leading eSports Psychologist to jumpstart the conversation about kids and gaming. Are “video games” the violent brainwashing traps we feared in the 90s, or are they misunderstood tools that increased brain function and cognition?

We also spoke with professional gamer Anthony “Methodz” Zinni about his incredible 55 pound weight loss transformation. Read how his physical fitness has increased his gaming prowess.

We’re kicking off a new series of articles that explore how Quest employees eat. On any given week, there are dozens of different diets going on around Quest HQ, all sorts of ways people hack their nutrition to eat toward their goals. This month, we’re featuring a die-hard IIFYM eater (and social media mastermind): Clark Pagaduan.

One of our writers braved an all-women’s dance bootcamp extravaganza called “The Vixen Workout.” An hour later, he barely had a leg to stand on. Luckily his fingers weren’t so sore that he couldn’t type out his hilarious re-enactment of the event.

Read how Quest employee Hannah Rosales traveled to Nicaragua for a Yoga retreat, slept in a treehouse and reshaped her outlook on life.

While we’re on the topic of Quest employees, we’re shining the employee spotlight on QA Supervisor Penny Castillo to see just how much time, care, and effort goes into guaranteeing the quality of America’s Favorite Protein Bar.

You may notice there is no Future Tense this month — it’s still alive and well and may make one more appearance on The Bloq, but if you want to stay up-to-date on Jane’s latest happenings, follow me on Twitter. I’ve got big ideas in store for Future Tense and would love if you came along for the ride.