Jordan Grahm’s Transformation


My name is Jordan Grahm. All of my life I was overweight.

For many years I struggled to control my problem with food. In high school, at 13 years-old, 5’9′′ and 290 lbs, I played football as a lineman. The training got me int0 better shape, but three weeks before my fifteenth birthday my mother suddenly passed away. The trauma of that event led me down an emotional and physical spiral which resulted in my becoming morbidly obese.

In late 2007, at nearly 400lbs, I was wearing XXXXL shirts and size 48 pants. My eating habits were in need of serious help and I was working a sedentary job and not getting any exercise.

In March of 2008 I was in a bad car accident which left me with a severe tear in my shoulder. This car crash was the catalyst that turned my life around. I decided that I needed to transform my life completely and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

In May 2008, I started a weight loss program weighing in at 353lbs with over 46% body-fat. I started eating smaller, more nutritious meals and also started walking on a hill with my dog . Slow but steady and full of determination I started bringing the distance and the pace up of my walks. The walks turned into jogs then runs, and even uphill sprints.

After losing 100lbs in August 2009, I decided to join a gym and start working out in order to lose more weight and get stronger and leaner. I needed to gain some muscle mass. I started out having trouble bench pressing the 45lb bar due to my shoulder injury and was completely unable to do a pushup. Working hard on the streets, trails, in the gym, and in the kitchen I was able to drop a total of over 160lbs.

Learning about nutrition and how important it was to take control, I found myself seeking ways to keep satisfied and still get the right quality foods in my eating regimen. I had experimented with virtually every protein bar on the market and found that the majority of them had so many strange ingredients that sometimes would cause unfavorable reactions in my sensitive digestive system. At one point I had given up on protein bars completely and thought that it would stay that way. When I went to my first bodybuilding show to support my friend who was competing I found my way to a booth of a bar called QuestBar.

The representatives explained to me the ingredients used as well as the perfect nutritional profile and I became excited to see what these bars were like. I was lucky enough to receive a sample bar which I tried when I returned to my seat. Needless to say, I was back at the booth buying my first box within a couple minutes. Now I always make sure to keep at least a couple QuestBars in my car at all times in case I need something good to eat on the run. My eating plan has evolved quite a bit from when I first started my body transformation journey and now includes a QuestBar each and every day. I had always been looking for good ways to get in more fiber and each bar containing such a significant amount is just fantastic for reaching the intake I desire.

As of today, I have gained a significant amount of muscle and continue to work hard on transforming my body. I bench press 275lbs, squat 405lbs, deadlift 500lbs and can do 30 pushups in 30 seconds. This life changer was a complete shift in gears. I went from being a top-performer in real estate to studying nutrition, boxing, and personal training. My goal is to help others transform their lives and feel great. There is unlimited potential in each and every one of us and we must keep working hard to unlock it. No matter what obstacles stand before us, there is always a way to prevail. They told me at first I would need surgery or would die, I told them that I will do the hard work myself.


Jordan is a body transformation specialist. Learn more about him at or follow him on Twitter