Matt Porter’s Body and Mind Transformation Tips


How many times have you heard about someone making a dramatic physical transformation, or perhaps a character transformation? Whether the change took place through physical activity or changing your beliefs, to transform is always a two-way street. Meaning, you must mentally believe in your destiny and physically see it through.

I personally will be undergoing (what I hope to be) a dramatic physical transformation in the next 2 years. How will I make my transformation come to life? I will first trust and believe in my envisioned final product & written plan. So I must first envision exactly what I want to achieve, be a realist, and understand my limits and capabilities. I must put my “plan of action” onto paper and write down exactly how I will strategically execute such a plan to get my end result.

I have always been an advocate of using your mind, and self-belief to manifest your destiny. Keep embedding into your mind what goal you anticipate achieving, and constantly think about your desired goal until you are absolutely convinced that there is no other outcome. I have done this with certain contests about how I envisioned myself looking and it has rewarded me well.

Always be real with yourself and avoid being

unrealistic and completely delusional. Let’s face it, we all have known or heard delusional people ramble on about what they “think” they look like or what they “will” do. Stay realistic, and always strive in increase your boundaries.

Making sense of your plan before executing it

I always plot ideas out in my head and as long as I made sense of my thought process, 9 times out of 10 my plan has worked. Whether it’s a nutrition protocol or training regimen that may seem unorthodox or outlandish, as long as it makes sense to me, it has delivered the envisioned result.

My Personal Transformation in Effect – 

My goal is to transform myself so profoundly that people scratch their heads the next time they see me on stage. Meaning, not just a 5-8 lb jump in contest weight, but 20-30 lbs! You might be thinking “I thought Matt said to be a realist, not delusional!” – Trust me I am being realistic. You see, I have competed since 2004 averaging 3-5 contest per year! I have done 25+ contests with no time off! Let’s just say my body & mind needs a break from dieting. This is why I truly believe I have the ability to transform in a dramatic way due to me never having a sufficient and productive “off-season” or down time to make progress. Quite frankly, I was getting sick of standing up on stage with minor changes or no change at all to my physique, and I am pretty sure the judges were thinking “same old Matt.”

Here is a brief overview of my action plan – 

  • Plan “downtime” from heavy training and heavy eating to rest entire body
  • Begin detoxing body with full body cleanse program
  • Formulate workout regimen to focus on improving lagging muscles
  • Adhere to strict nutrition all the time, no such thing as “bulking up”
  • Stay relatively lean as the body is more prone to partition nutrients to muscle not fat
  • Master the deadlift
  • Prioritize adequate sleep, make sure to always sleep in complete darkness
  • Take general health supplements year around (not just pre-contest)
  • If body fat% gets too high for my comfort, do “mini diets” to re-set metabolic rate and BF%
  • Incorporate “rest days” meaning actually stay home
  • Keep cardio in the regimen all year around for metabolic benefits and cardio benefits
  • Do not neglect “little things” like stretching, naps, and massages.


Remember – to initiate a transformation you need a mental blueprint. Next, that mental blueprint needs to make sense to you. Third, put that mental blueprint down on paper. Lastly, your body will follow your mind to its anticipated destination.