Positive Mental Attitude


This is a guest post by Elite Athlete Jodi Tiahrt. You can find Jodi on Facebook and on her website

Having competed in over 40 competitions, I have had my share of ups and downs. Because the focus is on body image and how we look, we often lose site of the real focus, which is how we actually feel and how we have transformed our body into a beautifully sculpted statue. Focusing on a strict diet for weeks, or months on end, can often make us a little delirious or crazy at times.  The one thing I have learned is not to focus on the competition but instead focus on how hard you worked and transformed your body and diet. Regardless of how well you place at a competition, the focus needs to be on achieving your goal.  Anyone who has the courage to walk across stage should be very proud of their self.  It takes a lot of courage to get in front of hundreds of people in very minimal clothes, and strut your stuff.  A lot of people want to compete, but never have the courage.  I think the reason for this is that too much emphasis is put on how well they place in a show.

When I think back at all the shows I have done, I honestly can never remember who placed first or last.  I can’t even remember which shows I placed first or last, how could I remember how someone else placed?  When you take the focus off the placing, and instead focus on how amazing you look and feel being in the best shape of your life, you will be surprised at the outcome.  Keeping a positive mental attitude throughout the journey is the key to success and winning.  Any time I placed first in my competitions is because I ridded my brain of all the negative clutter floating around in my head.  Being in a competitive sport that focuses on image can be very challenging.  Some days you think you look absolutely amazing and then the next day you eat extra carbs and you think you look absolutely terrible.  Don’t laugh, but anyone who has competed, knows exactly what I am talking about.  You will also have the “haters” that think they know everything and will always be putting you down for how you look and what you are doing.  Steer clear of all this NEGATIVITY!  Keep focusing on the positive and how hard you have worked.  Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Positive mental attitude is what kicks butt and makes you a star!!  Try this approach next time before you take the stage!