Quest Bar “Pop-Tarts”

Quest Bar Pop Tarts
Quest Bar Pop Tarts
Quest Bar Pop Tarts

A delicious recipe from our very own Quest Creator Shannan Penna for “Pop-Tarts” made from QUEST BARS!

A) Roll out one Vanilla Almond Quest Bar on a rolling pin (can use any flavor bar, apple is awesome and chocolate brownie too).

B) Fill inside with 1-2 tbps sugar free jam. I used raspberry.

C) Topped with another Vanilla Almond Quest Bar, rolled out and trim edges with knife.

D) Then press edges with fork… crimping edges so jam stays inside.

E) Broil for four minutes in oven. You can use a toaster oven also for browned toasty top. The microwave will also work but you wont get the browned top, (Adjust times).

F) Top it with a little mixture of protein powder and peanut butter or whipped cottage cheese & flavoring.

G) Add some sprinkles for fun, effect & crunch!

Nutritionals (one Poptart) : Calories: 410. Fat 18g. Carbs: 46g (36g fiber, 2g sugar)  Protein 40g.

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