QUESTions With … Brooke Erickson

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What nutritional information have you learned that most people don’t know?

I have learned the importance of macronutrients and their purpose. I have learned that your caloric intake from your macronutrients should always adjust according to your goals.

What training information have you learned that most people don’t know?

I think the most important information that I have learned that a lot of people don’t know or don’t understand- is that you won’t accomplish the look you are training so hard for if your nutrition isn’t specified to your goals. Most people are either eating too much or too little, or the completely wrong thing.

What are the three things you see people doing in the gym that bother you most?

Reading a book in between sets, trainers eating while training a client, and people not pushing themselves hard enough.

What are your three biggest nutrition pet peeves?

People that believe in order to be healthy all you can eat is chicken and broccoli, people that don’t eat carbs in the evening because they think it will make them fat, and people that don’t eat enough because they think it will make them leaner.

What is a quote that you live by?

If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.

Who is your inspiration?

I have two people that inspire me. My husband in my number one inspiration because he has an incredible work ethic, an insane attention to detail, and he always…always has a positive attitude.

My other inspiration is Layne Norton; he talks the talk and walks the walk. He is probably one of the smartest people in the fitness industry, but his intelligence is never overshadowed by ignorance or arrogance- and that in itself is inspiring.

Who or what got you started?

I started lifting weights as a way to help me cope with my eating disorder. I was inspired to make a change for the better after I saw a picture of Ava Cowan in Oxygen magazine. I posted a picture of her on my wall as a daily reminder that if I work hard enough, I too could become strong and healthy.

What is one piece of advice you give to new lifters?

Don’t under estimate your ability. I often hear from people that they never knew they could lift heavier or run harder because they simply never tried.

What is one piece of advice you give to seasoned lifters?

You’re never too seasoned to try something new.

What’s your goal for the rest of the year?

I am currently prepping for the 2013 contest season. My ultimate goal is to add 2 lbs. of lean mass by building a bigger quad sweep, glutes, and shoulders.

What body part do you struggle with the most, and what have you done to overcome the problem?

I use to struggle with the shape of my butt- I trained hard and heavy to turn my butt into muscular glutes!

What does your typical diet consist of?

My nutrition is always based on what my goals are. Currently my goal is to add more muscle- therefore, I eat a slightly higher amount of protein and carbs than I would during contest prep diet. Most of my carbs come from rice cakes, oats, cereal, and Quest nutrition bars. Most of my protein comes from poultry, whey protein, greek yogurt, egg whites, and Quest nutrition bars. Most of my fat comes from almonds, steak, and Quest bars. No joke, I eat Quest nutrition bars twice a day!


Brooke Erickson is an IFBB Figure Pro Athlete, Team Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Model, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Nutrition Specialist, and a woman on a mission to teach others how to take control of their body & find their inner strength. Find her on Facebook and Bodyspace.